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1st CAB Operation Atlantic Resolve (Apr 2021 - Jan 2022)
Latest update: February 2021
The US Army announced its seventh Operation Atlantic Resolve Combat Aviation Brigade rotation on February 8, 2021. 1st CAB "Demon Brigade" will return to Europe. The brigade was also deployed to Europe from March until November 2019 assigned the fourth AOR rotation.
1st CAB: Battalions and companies
  Division CAB
Name 1st Infantry Division 1st Combat Aviation Brigade
Station Fort Riley, KS Marshall AAF
Nickname BIG RED ONE "Demon" Brigade
Regiment Nickname Helicopter
HHC Archangels None
1-1 ARB Gunfighters AH-64E
2-1 GSAB Fighting Eagles CH-47F, UH-60L, HH-60M
3-1 AHB Nightmares UH-60M
601 ASB Guardians None
1-6 CAV The Fighting Sixth AH-64E
Company Nickname Helicopter
A/1-1 ARB Taz Devils AH-64E
B/1-1 ARB Wolfpack AH-64E
C/1-1 ARB Ghostriders AH-64E
F/1-1 ARB Fenix MQ-1C
A/2-1 GSAB Wraiths UH-60L
B/2-1 GSAB Diesel CH-47F
C/2-1 GSAB Boomer HH-60M
A/3-1 AHB Black Cats UH-60M
B/3-1 AHB Black Knights UH-60M
C/3-1 AHB Black Sheep UH-60M
A/1-6 ARS   AH-64E
B/1-6 ARS Bandits AH-64E
C/1-6 ARS   AH-64E
D/1-6 ARS    
1st CAB: Operation Atlantic Resolve
1st CAB will deploy with 50 Blackhawks (UH-60L/M and HH-60M). The later will most likely be numbered at 15), 10 CH-47F Chinook and 25 AH-64E Apache.

Company Nickname Helicopter Number
A/1-1 ARB Taz Devils AH-64E 9
B/1-1 ARB Wolfpack AH-64E 8
C/1-1 ARB Ghostriders AH-64E 8
A/2-1 GSAB Wraiths UH-60L 8
B/2-1 GSAB Diesel CH-47F 10
C/2-1 GSAB Boomer HH-60M 15
A/3-1 AHB Black Cats UH-60M 9
B/3-1 AHB Black Knights UH-60M 9
C/3-1 AHB Black Sheep UH-60M 9
Total     85

Note: ARB companies normally have eight Apaches assigned and the AHB eight Blackhawks. The GSAB normally deploy with eight UH-60L's. Above report has been "matched" to represent the number of 85 helicopters the 1st CAB will bring to Europe.
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