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1st ACB Operation Atlantic Resolve (2021 - 2022)
Latest update: December 2021
The US Army announced its eight Operation Atlantic Resolve Combat Aviation Brigade rotation on October 9, 2021. 1st ACB "Warriors" will return to Europe. The brigade was also deployed to Europe from October 2017 until June 2018 assigned the second AOR rotation.

For this deployment to vessels were contracted. ARV Indepence departed to Alexandroupoli, Greece with AH-64E Apache, UH-60M and HH-60M Blackhawh helicopters. ARC Endurance departed to the port of Vlissingen. Here the brigades CH-47F Chinook, UH-60L, HH-60M and one UH-60M were offloaded as well as one AH-64E company. From the port the helicopters flew to Woensdrecht air base before relocating to Illesheim, Germany.
1st ACB: Battalions and companies
Battalion Aircraft Nickname
HHC None  
1-227 ARB AH-64E Attack
2-227 GSAB CH-47F, UH-60L, HH-60M Lobos
3-227 AHB UH-60M Spearhead
7-17 Cav AH-64E Pale Horse
615 ASB None Cold Steel
Company Aircraft Nickname
A/1-227 ARB AH-64E Avengers
B/1-227 ARB AH-64E Reapers
C/1-227 ARB AH-64E Vampires
A/2-227 GSAB UH-60L Vultures
B/2-227 GSAB CH-47F Black Cats
C/2-227 GSAB HH-60M Witch Doctors
A/3-227 AHB UH-60M Werewolves
B/3-227 AHB UH-60M Jokers
C/3-227 AHB UH-60M Ghostriders
A/7-17 ARS AH-64E Shadow
B/7-17 ARS AH-64E Black Jack
C/7-17 ARS AH-64E Crazy Horse
D/7-17 ARS    
1st ACB: Operation Atlantic Resolve
The press release did not state the number of helicopters which will be brought to Europe by 1 ACB. it is also unknow which of the two Apache units will deploy. Previous rotations saw roughly 80 helicopters taken by the CAB's. The exact number depending on the assigned task.

Company Aircraft Nickname Deployed Number
A/1-227 ARB AH-64E Avengers To be confirmed  
B/1-227 ARB AH-64E Reapers To be confirmed  
C/1-227 ARB AH-64E Vampires To be confirmed  
A/2-227 GSAB UH-60L Vultures To be confirmed  
B/2-227 GSAB CH-47F Black Cats To be confirmed  
C/2-227 GSAB HH-60M Witch Doctors To be confirmed  
A/3-227 AHB UH-60M Werewolves To be confirmed  
B/3-227 AHB UH-60M Jokers To be confirmed  
C/3-227 AHB UH-60M Ghostriders To be confirmed  
A/7-17 ARS AH-64E Shadow To be confirmed  
B/7-17 ARS AH-64E Black Jack To be confirmed  
C/7-17 ARS AH-64E Crazy Horse To be confirmed  
D/7-17 ARS     To be confirmed  

The 'normal' assigned helicopters for U.S. Army the battalions are approximately:

CH-47F Chinook: 12
UH-60L Blackhawk: 8
UH-60M Blackhawk: 30
HH-60M Blackhawk: 15
AH-64 Apache: 24 (eight for each company of squadron)
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