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1st AD CAB Operation Atlantic Resolve (2022 - 2023)
Latest update: September 2022
The US Army announced its ninth Atlantic Resolve Combat Aviation Brigade rotation on May 13, 2022.  1st AD, CAB will deploy as a CAB to Europe for the first time. Its 1-501 ARB deployed as part of 10th CAB from February until October 2017. Back then the first rotation of an U.S. Army Combat Aviation Brigade in support of Operation Atlantic Resolve.

The CAB is subordinate to the 1st Armored Division "Old Ironsides" at Fort Bliss, Texas. 1st AD, CAB operates from Biggs AAF.

For the first time the United States Army used the port of Esjberg in Denmark. Approximately half of the 80 - 90 helicopters of the brigade were offloaded here. After departing the port the helicopters used the airport of Esjberg before continuing through several airport in Germany to fly to their operating locations.

Below report contains all battalions assigned to 1st AD, CAB. Either 1-501 ARB or 3-6 ARS will deploy with their colleagues.
1st AD, CAB: Battalions and companies
Battalion Aircraft Nickname
HHC None  
1-501 ARB AH-64D, MQ-1C Iron Dragons
2-501 GSAB CH-47F, UH-60L, HH-60M Iron Knights
3-501 AHB UH-60M Apocalypse
3-6 CAV AH-64D, MQ-1C Heavy Cav
127 ASB None Iron Eagles
Company Aircraft Nickname
A/1-501 ARB AH-64D Pacemakers
B/1-501 ARB AH-64D Paqueros
C/1-501 ARB AH-64D Pale Horse
E/1-501 ARB MQ-1C Renegades
A/2-501 GSAB UH-60L Black Cats
B/2-501 GSAB CH-47F Black Knights
C/2-501 GSAB HH-60M Dustoff
A/3-501 AHB UH-60M Arcangels
B/3-501 AHB UH-60M Beast Assault
C/3-501 AHB UH-60M Chaos Riders
A/3-6 ARS AH-64D Checkmates
B/3-6 ARS AH-64D Silver Spurs
C/3-6 ARS AH-64D Ruthless Riders
E/3-6 ARS MQ-1C Executioners
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