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Latest update: August 2018
Royal Danish Air Force
Squadron Wing Aircraft Tailcode AFB State / Country
Eskadrille 721 Air Transport Wing Aalborg C-130J.30   Aalborg  
    CL-604   Aalborg  
Eskadrille 722 Helicopter Wing Karup EH-101   Karup  
Eskadrille 723 Helicopter Wing Karup     Karup  
Eskadrille 724 Helicopter Wing Karup AS550CC2   Karup  
Eskadrille 727 Fighter Wing Skrydstrup F-16AM/BM   Skrydstrup  
Eskadrille 730 Fighter Wing Skrydstrup F-16AM/BM   Skrydstrup  
Flyveskolen   T-17   Karup  

Photo gallery
Eskadrille 721 Eskadrille 722 Eskadrille 723
Eskadrille 724 Eskadrille 727 / 730 Eskadrille 727 / 730