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Volkel November 30, 2018
Latest update: December 2018
Volkel based 313 squadron celebrated its 65th anniversary on Saturday December 1, 2018. On the Friday some flying activities would take place in the afternoon by the squadron and the RNLAF historic flight. The day prior five aircraft from the NATO Tiger family arrived to attend the festivities, a Tornado from TLG 51 as well as four Italian Air Force EF-2000 / F-2000 assigned to 36° Stormo (wing) based at Gioia del Colle. 36° Stormo has 10° and 12° Gruppos (squadrons) assigned with the latter being parent to the 351st Tiger flight. Unfortunately some other (tiger) participants were cancelled.

The Italian Air Force is a regular visitor to Volkel Air Base with its Eurofighters. Once or twice a year (some exceptions) one of the wings (Stormo) sends four aircraft for flying operations with the resident 312 and 313 squadrons operating the F-16AM/BM. Visits lasts three days with missions (normally two) flown on the second day and depending on arrival and departure times of the aircraft it's possible one mission is also flown on the first and third day.

The visit by 36° Stormo was the second visit by an Italian Air Force Eurofighter wing in 2018. On July 3, 2018 sister wing 37° Stormo (18° Gruppo) based at Trapani, Sicily arrived with four aircraft.

I decided to try my luck in the morning - as well as some other photographers - hoping the Eurofighters would fly as well as the 313 squadron anniversary / tiger F-16BM. Below photos are all taken in the morning with flying activity taking place between 10.00 - 12.00 and are in 'order of appearance'.

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Photo gallery
The first two F-16s arrive for departure and crossed runway 24R to perform  their checks between the runways of
24R and 24L  lining up between the runways  and completing the final checks.
Departing with full afterburner and  while number 2 takes off the second pair arrives with the fourth F-16
being the 313 squadron anniversary /   tiger bird. Two Italian Air Force Eurofighters 
follow their Dutch colleagues  and align on the runway prior to take off. The first F-16 reports back at Volkel 
with all of them performing low  approaches before landing. Eurofighter in the break after initial 
One of the F-16s in the back while the  Italians came in for landing.