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Eindhoven April 5, 2019
Latest update: April 2019
To photograph the European Air Refuelling Training (EART 2019) exercise participants I went to Eindhoven Air Base. During the same two weeks exercise Orange Bull was conducted which saw a RNLAF C-130 Hercules support its colleagues from the RNLA and RNLN. Other movements included a touch and go of a RNLAF PC-7 from 131 EMVO squadron based at Woensdrecht, a Spanish Air Force KC-130H Hercules and a French Air Force C-135FR supporting its EART colleague.
Photo gallery
The Dutch PC-7 on finals for its touch and go after it would fly to Volkel.
An 336 squadron C-130H Hercules about to depart for an Orange Bull mission.
A Spanish Air Force KC-130H still wearing the original camouflage scheme.
The RNLAF returns from its mission area performing a tactical approach. A French Air Force C-135FR from BA 125 Istres about to touchdown on runway 03. And after a short visit departing back to southern France.
The Spanish Air Force Hercules also departing Eindhoven after a short visit.