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Exercise Falcon Leap &  Operation Market Garden commemoration 2016
Latest update: September 2016
The Royal Netherlands Army 11th Airmobile Brigade (11 Luchtmobiele Brigade) organized exercise Falcon Leap 2016 prior to the annual WWII Operation Market Garden commemoration para jumps.

Falcon Leap started on Wednesday September 14th and ended on Friday September 16th. Three mission area's were used with all the exercise days Royal Netherlands Air Force Military Aerodrome Deelen used between 15.00 and 16.00 for free fall jumps. The other days were divided between Houtdorperveld (between the Veluwe villages Garderen and Speuld and west of the provincial road N302) and Ginkelse heide (east of Ede and South of provincial road N224). During WW II the 1st British Airborne Division used the Ginkelse heide as one of their drop zones to conquer the Rhine river bridge in Arnhem. To safely conduct the para jumps an airspace reservation was made for the 10.00 - 14.00 time frame (Houtdorperveld and Ginkelse heide) and 15:00 - 16:00 (Deelen). The actual exercise times can be found in the table below.
Ginkelse heide September 15th. Houtdorperveld September 14th. Ginkelse heide September 15th.
Country: Aircraft: Squadron / Wing: Airbase: Exercise
Belgium C-130H 20 Smaldeel Melsbroek (Brussels IAP) Market Garden
Germany C-160D LTG 61 Landsberg Falcon Leap & Market Garden
  C-160D LTG 63 Hohn Falcon Leap & Market Garden
Poland C-295M 13 ELTr / 8 Bltr Krakow-Balice Falcon Leap & Market Garden
Netherlands C-130H, C-130H-30 336 Squadron Eindhoven Falcon Leap & Market Garden
United Kingdom Hercules C.4 Brize Norton Wing RAF Brize Norton Market Garden
United States C-130J-30 37th AS / 86th AW Ramstein AB Falcon Leap & Market Garden

Comment: See exercise locations for missions times.
Belgian Air Force C-130H 20 Smaldeel. German Air Force Transall LTG 61 German Air Force Transall LTG 63
Polish Air Force C-295M 8 BLTr Royal Netherlands Air Force C-130H Royal Netherlands Air Force C-130H-30
United Kingdom Hercules C.4   United States Air Forces EUR. C-130J-30
Participating aircraft and squadron, wing:
Country: Division, Brigade, Regiment Barracks (HQ):
Belgium 3 Bataljon Parachutisten Tielen
Canada 3rd Battalion, Royal 22e Régiment (3 R22eR) Valcartier, Québec
Germany Luftlandebrigade 1, RGT 31 Stadtallendorf
Italy Brigata Paracadutisti Tuscany, Lazio and Veneto
Netherlands 11 Luchtmobiele Brigade Schaarsbergen
Poland 6 Brygady Powietrznodesantowej Krakow
United Kingdom The Parachute Regiment, 4 PARA (battalion) Pudsey, West Yorkshire
United States 1st Brigade Combat Team, 82nd Airborne Division Fort Bragg, North Carolina
United States 56th Troop Command (US Army National Guard) Fogarty Armory, Rhode Island


The Operationeel Ondersteuningscommando Land (OOCL - Operational Support Command Land) supported
11 Luchtmobiele Brigade during the exercise.
Photo gallery Houtdorperveld September 14th
The formation order: Royal Netherlands Air Force C-130H-30 and C-130H, USAFE C-130J-30, Polish Air Force C-292M and German Air Force C-160D (LTG 63 and LTG 61). Photo gallery presented in the same order. 
Photo gallery Ginkelse heide September 15th 
The formation order: Royal Netherlands Air Force C-130H-30 and C-130H, USAFE C-130J-30, Polish Air Force C-292M and German Air Force C-160D (LTG 63 and LTG 61). Photo gallery presented in the same order.  
Photo gallery Ginkelse heide September 17th  
Photo gallery under construction. 
Exercise locations
Date: Para jump: Para jump location: Mission number: Time:
Wednesday Sept. 14th Falcon Leap Houtdorperveld 1 11.00 - 11.20
      2 12:40 - 12:55
    Deelen 3 15:00 - 16:00
Thursday Sept. 15th Falcon Leap Ginkelse Heide 4 10:00 - 10:25
      5 11:45 - 12:05
    Deelen 6 15:00 - 16:00
Friday Sept. 16th Falcon Leap Houtdorperveld 7 Cancelled
      8 Cancelled
    Deelen 9 Unknown
Saturday Sept. 17th Market Garden Ginkelse Heide 1 Cancelled
      2 14:00 - 14:30

Note: The morning mission of Market Garden was cancelled due to the weather conditions (low cload base) at the drop zone. Two dry runs were made by the formation. The first pass could only be heard with the formation diverting to a holding zone remaining there for half an hour waiting for the conditions to improve. A second dry run was made were a few aircraft of the formation were visible for a just a moment. The decision was made to cancel the first drop with all aircraft returning to Eindhoven.

The 37th AS Hercules didn't participate in the second wave but returned home.
Photo gallery combined 
The first para's jumped from a RNLAF Hercules with the second C-130 starting its drop run. Two RNLAF H-model Hercules followed by a USAFE J-model colleague over the Ginkelse heide. Paratrooper fully deployed while his colleagues depart the second aircraft.