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Day at the fence: Leeuwarden, March 15, 2018
Latest update: March 2018
For the fourth consecutive year Leeuwarden Air Base would host the United States Air Force Theater Security Package (TSP) which is an annual deployment to Europe by Air National Guard F-15 Eagle squadrons. Based on information on several aviation websites Thursday March 15 should see 12 aircraft arrive in the afternoon. The base would also host an expected three C-17 Globemaster III flight supporting the deployment of the 123rd FS / 142nd FW from the Oregon ANG based at Portland IAP and the 131st FS / 104th FW from the Massachusetts ANG based at Barnes ANGB, Westfield.
The 142nd FW relocated 10 if its approximately 20 F-15s to the Barnes ANGB a few days prior to the planned flight over the Atlantic ocean to Leeuwarden AB.

After arriving at Leeuwarden two F-16s from the resident 322 squadron taxied to the threshold of runway 05. Another eight aircraft were airborne. One of these was send to Woensdrecht AB to undergo maintenance while another two (I read in the evening) were on their way to Jordan for a scheduled aircraft swop with F-16s detached to Air Task Force Middle East (ATFME). Soon after both F-16s took to the sky the first C-17A of the day, assigned AFRC 89th AS / 445th AW, departed. Two hours later the second Globemaster being an ANG aircraft assigned to 155th AS / 164th AW based at Memphis, Tennessee. The first two F-16AMs also departed marking the beginning of the afternoon wave.

J-362 and J-632 both assigned to 322 squadron.

As a side note..... What would be the chance to get both remaining active 236s in one photo? The other 236s combinations within the Royal Netherlands Air Force: J-236 instructional airframe ROC Hoofddorp, J-263 preserved at the national military museum Soesterberg, J-623 sold to Jordan (as 238). J-326 doesn't exist (serials in the J-3xx series started at J-358).

Former J-623 departing Volkel to Jordan in November 2017.

Next aircraft to arrive was a F-16AM in a clean configuration. It returned from Woensdrecht after it completed it completed its depot maintenance and made some touch and goes before landing. A C-130H.30 from 336 squadron also made some touch and goes and departed towards Volkel on its (low level) training flight.

The Hercules turning in towards runway 05 after a low level approach from the north. 

The Memphis C-17A made room for its colleague by departing from runway 09 which did arrive after some F-16s returned to base. The third Globemaster of the day also meant the third unit to visit Leeuwarden today. West Virginia's ANG 168th AS / 137th AW based at Martinsburg having the honor. Roughly half an hour later the F-15s checked in on initial with the flight of six already broken into pairs. They consisted of four F-15Cs from the 123rd FS and two F-15Cs from the 131rd FS. Unfortunately for all photographers and other enthusiast the second cell had cancelled their flight to Leeuwarden.
Photo gallery USAF C-17As
89th AS AFRC about to depart from runway 05.  155th AS TN ANG on finals.
168th AS WV ANG on finals.
Photo gallery USAF F-15s 
The F-15s from 123rd FS OR ANG  arriving at Leeuwarden AB. 
 Together with their colleagues from the  131st FS MA ANG.
Photo gallery 322 squadron F-16s