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European Air Refuelling Training 2019
Published: February 2019
Participants European Air Refuelling Training 2019

The 2019 edition of the EART is scheduled to take place alongside the Frisian Flag exercise held at Leeuwarden from Aprril 1-12.

Participants are unknown at this moment. Four or five refuellers will normally participate based on the previous exercises. Five were scheduled in 2018 but Italy cancelled prior to the exercise while both France and the US withdrew their tanker for operational reasons leaving only the German and Netherlands air forces.

Country: Aircraft: No. aircraft Squadron / Wing: Airbase: Comments:
France C-135FR 1 GRV 02.091 "Bretagne" Base Aérienne 125 Istres  
Germany A310MRTT 1 BMVg Koln-Bonn  
Netherlands KDC-10 1 334 squadron Eindhoven  
United Kingdom Voyager KC.2 / KC.3 1 10 / 101 squadron RAF Brize Norton  
United States KC-135R/T 1 351st ARS / 100th ARW RAF Mildenhall  
Total   5


All participating countries as well as Italy will send mentors to advise the crews. Australia will send observers.


The new A330MRTT “Phenix” will not participate at EART. One aircraft is currently delivered to the French Air Force.


KC-767A to be confirmed.

United Kingdom:

The RAF operates two versions of the Voyager (A330MRTT), a two (KC.2) and three (KC.3) point tanker. The KC.3 is equipped with a boom and drogue & hose the KC.2 lacks the boom installation.

United States:

Unknown which Air Refuelling Squadron will take part. Also the aircraft has to be confirmed as a KC-10A from either the 60th AMW of 305th AMW can be assigned to the exercise.
Photo gallery
French Air Force C-135FR. German Air Force A310MRTT Italian Air Force KC-767A
Royal Netherlands Air Force KDC-10. Royal Air Force Voyager KC.2 United States Air Force KC-135R