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Falcon Leap 2019
Latest update: September 2019
The 2019 edition of Royal Netherlands Army 11 Luchtmobiele Brigade (11LMB - 11 Air Mobile Brigade) annual exercise was held for two weeks. Previously the exercised was held for one week with four days of para jumps. This year the exercise was extended with the first week devoted to cargo delivery at Deelen AB and ASK 't Harde (RNLA live artillery range). The German and Italian Air Force joined the Royal Netherlands Air Force during the first week. 336 squadron bases at Eindhoven participated with one or two of its extended C-130H.30 Hercules air transport aircraft.
The second week of Falcon Leap consisted of several para jumps made by airborne soldiers of eight countries. On September 17, 1944 WWII operation Market Garden commenced. One British, two American airborne division and one Polish airborne brigade jumped at the Eindhoven, Nijmegen and Arnhem areas aimed to capture bridges over rivers and canals. From Belgium ground forces started their advance which should have taken them to Arnhem relieving the British and Polish paratroopers. From Arnhem the final attack leading to Berlin should have commenced however Arnhem was never reached and the paratroopers suffered heavy losses during their battle with the Germans. Several activities took place in the Market Garden battlefield commemoration the 75th anniversary. The Wednesday missions of Falcon Leap were devoted to jumps made at Groesbeek. Among the drop zones used was Drop Zone T located at the Wylerbaan. Landgoed Den Heuvel was the location for the droppings. Three missions each with five aircraft dropping around 260 paratroopers per wave. Another formation consisted of three aircraft assigned to support a free fall mission in the afternoon.

On Saturday September 21st the annual Market Garden commemoration jumps will take place. More aircraft will be assigned to fly three waves during the day.
Army participanting divisions, brigades, regiments"
Country Division, Brigade, Regiment Headquarters
Belgium 3 Bataljon Parachutisten (3rd Paratroopers Batallion) Tielen
Canada 3e Battalion, Royal 22e Régiment (3 R22eR) 2nd CDSB, Valcartier, Quebec
France 11e Brigade Parachutiste. Quartier Balma Ballon, Toulouse
Germany Division Schnelle Kräfte Stadtallendorf
Italy 66° Reggimento Fanteria Aeromobile "Trieste" Bologna
Netherlands 11 Luchtmobiele Brigade Schaarsbergen & Assen
Poland 6 Brygady Powietrznodesantowej Krakow
United Kingdom 16 Air Assault Brigade Merville Barracks, Colchester, Essex,
United States 82nd Airborne Division "All American" Fort Bragg, North Carolina
  101st Airborne Division "Screaming Eagles" Fort Campbell, Kentucky
  173rd Airborne Brigade (Sky Soldiers) Vicenza, Italy

11 AMB is subordinate to the Germany army Division Schnelle Kräfte. More detailed information about the participating units will be published once known.

Country Unit (Division / Brigade / Batallion / Regiment / Company)
Belgium SOR / 3 Bataljon Parachutisten / 3 Para / Cie EMS
Canada 2 Canadian Division / 5th Canadian Mechanized Brigade Group / 3 Battalion / Royal 22e Régiment / Co A.
France 3e Division / 11e Brigade Parachutiste / 1er régiment de chasseurs parachutistes (1er RCP) 
Germany Division Schnelle Kräfte / Luftlandebrigade 1 / Fallschirmjägerregiment 31
  Division Schnelle Kräfte / Luftlandebrigade 1 / Fallschirmjägerregiment 26
Netherlands Division Schnelle Kräfte / 11 Luchtmobiele Brigade
United States 7th Army Training Command / 173rd Infantry Brigade Combat Team / 1st Battalion / 143rd infantry Regiment (Airborne)
Air Force participanting wings, squadrons:
Country: Aircraft: No. aircraft Squadron / Wing: Airbase: Comments:
Belgium C-130H 1 20 Smaldeel Melsbroek Arr. 17.09
Canada CC-130J 0 Cancelled CFB Trenton  
France A400M, C-130H/J, C-160R        
Germany C-160D 1 LTG 63 Hohn Arr. 18.09
Italy C-130J.30   46 BA Pisa Arr. 19.09
Netherlands C-130H.30 2 336 squadron Eindhoven  
Poland C-295M 1 13 ELTr Krakow-Balice Arr. 16.09
United Kingdom Hercules C.4 1 24 / 47 squadron RAF Brize Norton  
United States C-130J.30 1 37 AS Ramstein AB Arr. 16.09
  KC-130J 1 VMGR-252 MCAS Cherry Point Arr. 16.09
Total   7
Germany M-28 Skytruck 2   Civilian company Arr 17.09
Total   9


Each country participating with paratroopers will send one or more aircraft. The exercise is currently planned with a maximum of 14 aircraft. The M-28's are civilian registered but leased and operated by Division Schnelle Kräfte.

The two M-28's and the Polish Air Force C-295M were assigned to drop pathfinders using the MFF parachutes. These aircraft operate from a higher altitude then the C-130's which are flying at 1.000ft (330 meters). Almost 800 paratroopers were flown from Eindhoven Air Base to the landing zone with about 260 jumping at each of the three waves.
Falcon Leap Week 1:
German AFB C-160D Transall Cargo dropped RNLAF C-130H.30 Hercules
Falcon Leap Week 2 (Groesbeek: September 18)
The formation of five C-130's (Belgian (1), United States (2) and Netherlands (2) approaching the drop zone. Parachutes deployed over the landing zone.
Landing on historic grounds where a PIR of the 82nd Airborne Division jumped in 1944.
The Belgian Hercules commencing its drop overflying the paratroopers dropped by the Dutch C-130.
Belgium is on of the countries with aircraft marked with D-Day stripes. There Hercules entering the track for a new run to the landing zone. Dutch Hercules dropping paratroopers during one of the runs.

37th AS, Ramstein AB, participated in previous years and returned to take part at Falcon Leap and Market Garden. The USMC send a KC-130J (tanker) to the exercise. Normally flying transport and refuelling missions the Marines are flying paratroop jumps mission during Falcon Leap and the 75th anniversary of operation Market Garden.
Market Garden commemoration program:
Start End Activity (demonstration / display)
09:30 09:45 Royal Netherlands Air Force Historic Flight.
10:05 10:35 First para drop.
11:00 11:15 Royal British Army " Red Devils" Parachute Regiment display team.
11:15 12:15 Official commemoration
12:30 13:00 Second para drop.
13:45 14:15 Defence Helicopter Command
15:00 15:30 Third para drop.

More information: https://www.ede.nl/in-de-gemeente-ede/programma-airborne-2019/
Photo gallery participants
Aircraft has not yet arrived. Participation to be confirmed. Aircraft has not yet arrived.
Belgian Air Component C-130H French Air Force Italian Air Force
Photograph not yet available. Photograph not yet available.
German Air Force C-160D Royal Netherlands Air Force C-130H.30 Polish Air Force C-295M
Photograph not yet available.
Royal Air Force Hercules C.4
United States Air Forces Europe & Air Forces Africa C-130J.30 United States Marine Corps KC-130J