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Frisian Flag 2017
Latest update: August 2017
The annual Frisian Flag exercise organized by the Royal Netherlands Air Force (RNLAF) and held at Leeuwarden Air Base took place from March 27 until April 7.
Participants Frisian Flag 2017
Country: Aircraft: No. aircraft Squadron / Wing: Airbase: Comments:
Belgium F-16AM/BM 7 10 Wing Kleine-Brogel  
France Mirage 2000D 5 EC 003 Nancy  
Germany EF-2000 10 TaktLwG 31 Norvenich  
NATO E-3F 1 EDCA 01.036 Avord From home base.
Netherlands C-130H / C-130H-30 1 336 Squadron Eindhoven From home base.
  F-16AM/BM 8 312 / 313 Squadron Volkel  
  F-16AM/BM 6 322 Squadron Leeuwarden  
Portugal F-16AM/BM 5 Esq 201 / 301 Monte Real  
United Kingdom Tornado GR4 6 RAF Marham Wing RAF Marham  
  Falcon 20C 1 FR Aviation    
United States F-15C/D 6 122nd FS / 159th FW NAS-JRB New Orleans, Louisiana LA ANG
    6 159th FS / 125th FW Jacksonville IAP, Florida FL ANG
Total   62


The number of aircraft listed in the table above includes the spare aircraft. The RNLAF assigned 12 F-16s to the exercise equally split between Leeuwarden and Volkel Air Bases.

Alike the previous two years the Air National Guard (ANG) deployed twelve of its F-15C/D Eagles to Europe as part of the Theather Security Package (TSP) / Operation Atlantic Resolve (OAR) in Europe. Leading unit was the 122nd Expeditionary Fighter Squadron (EFS) composed of the 122nd FS Louisiana ANG and 159th FS Florida ANG. Their aircraft arrived in two packages on Friday March 24 and Saturday March 25. After completing the Frisian Flag exercise the 122nd EFS stayed at Leeuwarden until the end of April conducting other training objectives with their colleagues from the Netherlands, Germany and the United Kingdom. The Eagles relocated to Graf Ignatievo, Bulgaria to continue their TSP / OAR deployment.

The RAF Marham Wing had three Tornado GR.4(A) squadrons assigned: 9 (IX) Squadron, 12 (B) Squadron and 31 Squadron.

Two participating squadrons operated from their home bases. The Royal Netherlands Air Force 336 squadron participated with one of its C-130H / C-130H-30 Hercules aircraft from Eindhoven Air Base and EDCA 036 providing one AWACS.

Air-to-Air refueling support was provided by the European Air Refueling Training (EART) exercise participants. EART 2017 took place in the same period as Frisian Flag with the refuellers operating from Eindhoven Air Base.
Frisian Flag participants 2017
Belgian Air Force F-16AM. French Air Force Mirage 2000D. German Air Force EF-2000 TLG31.
Royal Netherlands Air Force F-16AM Volkel AB, 312 / 313 Squadron Royal Netherlands Air Force F-16AM Leeuwarden AB 322 Squadron. Portuguese Air Force F-16AM Esq 201 / 301.
Royal Air Force Tornado GR4 RAF Marham Wing. USAF - ANG F-15C 122nd FS USAF - ANG F-15C 159th FS
Frisian Flag photo gallery 2017
Belgian Air Component (BAC( F-16AM in the take-off from runway 23 during the second wave on on March 27.
Morning wave recovery by a BAC F-16AM  and the F-16BM.  
French air force Mirage 2000Ds lining up for take off runway 05 morning sortie and take off from 23 in the afternoon.
The German air force EF-2000s arrived on March 23.  EF-2000 on short final with an F-15 turning to final. EF-2000 departs for the first Frisian Flag mission of 2017 (March 27). 
The resident 322 Squadron flew a regular training mission with its F-16s during the Frisian Flag arrival day March 23.  
Foggy departure for a 322 Squadron F-16AM. Light bank of a F-16AM during the runway 23 take off in the morning of March 27. Final recovery of the day with two RNLAF F-16s on (short) final. 
Portuguese F-16AM ready to start its first mission while an Eagle taxies out to last change  Wave one concluded and about to touch down in runway 05.
Esq 201 / 301 F-16AM departing for the second mission of Frisian Flag.
  A Portuguese air force C-295M supported the F-16s on March 23.  
Royal Air Force Tornadoes from the RAF Marham Wing arrival on March 23.  One of the six Tornado GR.4 about to land on runway 05. Followed by one of its colleagues after the short transit from the UK.
Departing during the first wave of Frisian Flag.  and returning to base after completion of its assigned mission.  
122nd EFS Eagles completing checks before taking off on their first Frisian Flag 2017 mission. The 122nd FS , leading element of the TSP, brought their Wing Commander marked F-15C. F-15Cs from Florida's 159th FS deployed for their second TSP / AOR and returned to Frisian Flag.