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USAF deployments Europe 2018
Latest update: April 2018
Depl. No. Deployment Wing Squadron Aircraft A/C no. Base Country From to
1 Theater integration 5th BW   B-52H 4 RAF Fairford United Kingdom 09-01-18 30-01-18
2 Theater Security Package 180th FW 112th FS F-16C/D 12 Amari Estonia 14-01-18 March
3 Theater Security Package 142nd FW 123rd FS F-15C/D 12 Portland Netherlands 15-03-18 September
    104th FW 131st FS F-15C/D   Barnes Netherlands 15-03-18 September

More information about USAF squadrons and wings can be found here.

TSP: Theater Security Package in support of Operation Atlantic Resolve. Deployments are conducted for a period of six months (ANG F-15 squadrons and once an ACC A-10C squadron) or shorter periods - two week to four weeks (ACC F-22A and F-35A squadrons).

1: 5th BW deployed with aircraft of both 23rd BS and 69th BS. Conducting theater intergration and flying training.
2: 180th FW 'Stingers' will deploy until the end of March.
3: Six F-15Cs comprised of four aircraft from the 123rd FS and two from the 131st arrive at Leeuwarden Air Base on March 15. The other cell which should also be comprised of six Eagles cancelled their flight plan.
Based on a press release by USAFE&AFA the TSP deployment will see the F-15 squadrons deployed as 123rd EFS conduct exercises and training in The Netherlands (participation at exercise Frisian Flag), United Kingdom (RAF Lakenheath) and Bulgaria (Graf Ignatievo).
Photo gallery
B-52H 5th BW (archive) F-16C 112th FS (archive)
F-15C 123rd FS OR ANG arrival at Leeuwarden March 15. F-15C 131st MA ANG arrival at Leeuwarden March 15.