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United States Army: Operation Atlantic Resolve
Latest update: October 2019
Operation Atlantic Resolve
In June 2014 the European Reassurance Initiative (ERI) came into effect after a visit by President Barack Obama to Poland. ERI funds Operation Atlantic Resolve (OAR) which demonstrates the United States commitment to peace, security and stability in Europe by deploying assets (air, land and sea) on a rotational bases. Most of the deployments are focused on the central and eastern European (NATO) countries with the deploying units commanded by US European Command (USEUCOM).

In January / February 2017 the US Army deployed its first brigades - Armored Brigade Combat Team (ABCT) and Combat Aviation Brigade (CAB) to Europe in support of OAR. The ABCT and CAB rotations are nine months. About two months prior to the start of a new rotation the US Army announces the brigades who will deploy.

CAB's are shipped to a port in Europe (main contingents arrived in Belgium, Germany and The Netherlands with some helicopters shipped to Greece or airlifted to Germany). From there they fly to an air base for refuel and checks and then continue to their destinations in southern Germany where the brigades are headquartered. The Blackhawks are forward deployed to the Baltic countries, Poland and Romania.
OAR rotations
  Rotation 1 Rotation 2 Rotation 3 Rotation 4 Rotation 5
  10th Mountain Division 1st Cavalry Division 4th Infantry Division 1st Infantry Division 3rd Infantry Division
  10th CAB 1st ACB 4th CAB 1st CAB 3rd CAB
Aircraft Feb '17 - Oct '17 Oct '17 - Jun '18 Jun '18 - Mar '19 Mar '19 - Nov '19 Nov '19 - Jul '20
AH-64D 24   24   20
AH-64E   24   20  
CH-47F 12 12 12 10 10
UH-60L/M 38 38 37 35 35
HH-60M 15 15 15 15 15
Total 89 89 88 80 80
Arrival Germany Belgium Netherlands Belgium Belgium
Departure Netherlands Belgium Netherlands Netherlands  

ACB: Air Cavalry Brigade
CAB: Combat Aviation Brigade.

The ACB and CAB's are composed of an Attack Reconnaissance Battalion (ARB), General Support Aviation Battalion (GSAB), Assault Helicopter Battalion (AHB) and an Attack Reconnaissance Squadron (ARS) within an Cavalry Regiment (Cav). Each Battalion has three companies assigned.

Note: Except the flying companies an Headquarters and Headquarters Company (H&HC), Aviation Support Battalion and maintenance companies are assigned to the CAB and/or Battalion.

Belgium: port of Zeebrugge, Chievre Air Base.
Germany: port Bremerhaven.
Netherlands: port of Rotterdam, Eindhoven Air Base.
Greece: use of ports and from there to Romania.

Details of the Combat Aviation Brigades can be found at the US Army section.
Rotation 5: 3rd CAB - 2019. Rotation 3: 4th CAB - 2018. Rotation 2: 1st CAB - 2019.
Rotation 1: 10th CAB - 2017