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F-35 Lightning II
Latest update: January 2020
F-35 Manufacturer Serial Number (MSN)

In press released often reference is made to the Manufacturer Serial Number (MSN).
System Test and Development aircraft:
Country Operator Aircraft Ref. no. First Last Comment
United States Lockheed Martin F-35A AA AA-1   Flight test aircraft.
      AF AF-1 AF-4 Test & Development aircraft.
      AG AG-1   Static test aircraft.
      AJ AJ-1   Full Airframe Durability Test Article.
United States Lockheed Martin F-35B BF BF-1 BF-5 Test & Development aircraft.
      BH BH-1   Static test aircraft.
United States Lockheed Martin F-35C CF CF-1 CF-5 Test & Development aircraft.
      CJ CJ-1   Static test aircraft.
Production aircraft:
Country Operator Aircraft MSN First Last Prod.
Australia RAAF F-35A AU AU-1 AU-33 Lot 12
Belgium BAC F-35A        
Denmark RDAF F-35A        
Israel IDF/AF F-35A AS AS-1 AS-21 Lot 11
Italy ItAF F-35A AL AL-1 AL-19 Lot 12
Japan JASDF F-35A AX AX-1 AX-22 Lot 12
Netherlands RNLAF F-35A AN AN-1 AN-18 Lot 12
Norway RNoAF F-35A AM AM-1 AM-28 Lot 12
South Korea ROKAF F-35A AW AW-1 AW-16 Lot 11
Turkey TUAF F-35A AT AT-1 AT-06 Lot 11
United States USAF F-35A AF AF-6 AF-300 Lot 12
United Kingdom RAF F-35B BK BK-1 BK-21 Lot 12
United States USMC F-35B BF BF-6 BF-120 Lot 12
Italy Marina F-35A BL BL-1 BL-4 Lot 12
United States USN F-35C CF CF-6 CF-61 Lot 12

Above MSN's are related to production lots 1 - 12.