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Taiwan (Republic of China)
Latest update: January 2021
Order and production total Order and production detailed Aircaft withdrawn from use total
Aircaft withdrawn from use detailed Wings and squadrons Reports
Fighter/Attack aircraft
F-5 Freedom Fighter / Tiger F-16 Fighting Falcon F-CK
Mirage 2000    
Bomber aircraft
Transport / AAR / MRTT aircraft
C-130 (Super) Hercules Fokker 50
C4ISR aircraft
E-2 Hawkeye P-3 Orion
Training aircraft
AT-3 T-5 T-34 Mentor
Helicopter aircraft
H225 (EC225 Super Puma) AH-1 Cobra H-58 Kiowa
H-60 Blackhawk / Seahawk AH-64 Apache (Guardian) H-67
Photo gallery: UAV aircraft