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Latest update: January 2020
Article and/or photographs have been published (magazine or online) by: Air Forces Monthly (AFM), Code One, Combat Aircraft, Defence International, Piloot en Vliegtuig and Scramble.
Magazine: Article: Online / Magazine Published:
Air Forces Monthly News: US Army's latest Atlantic Resolve aviation rotation Magazine January 2020
Defence International Market Garden, 75th anniversary Magazine November 2019
Scramble Centrum Leteckého Výcviku (CLV – Flight Training Center) Magazine October 2019
Scramble 421st FS inaugural deployment Spangdahlem June 2019 Magazine September 2019
Air Forces Monthly Exercise Frisian Flag 2019: Fighter town Leeuwarden Magazine June 2019
Air Forces Monthly Excercise Falcon Autumn 2018: Going Dutch Magazine February 2019
Air Forces Monthly Exercise APROC 2018: Rescue rotors at Gilze-Rijen Magazine August 2018
Piloot en Vliegtuig F-15 Theater Security Package Leeuwarden 2018 Online March 2018
Air Forces Monthly Oregon F-15Cs arrive at Leeuwarden Online March 2018
Air Forces Monthly Falcon Leap 2017: In the footsteps of heroes Magazine December 2017
Air Forces Monthly News: Guard Eagles in Europe Magazine May 2017
Piloot en Vliegtuig Netherlands: Photo report Market Garden 2015 Online September 2015
Air Forces Monthly German AIr Force: BMVg Magazine June 2014
Combat Aircraft Belgian Air Force: Pampa range Magazine March 2013
Air Forces Monthly Belgian Air Force: Basic Flying Training School Magazine February 2013
Scramble Polish Air Force: 8. Baza Lotnictwa Krakow-Balice Magazine January 2013
Air Forces Monthly United States Air Force: Cooperative Cope Thunder 2004 Magazine November 2004