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Royal Netherlands Air Force AH-64E Apache Guardian
Latest update: July 2022
Date Royal Netherlands Air Force AH-64E program highlights
31-05-22 In May the first AH-64E was unveiled at Boeing Mesa.The Defensie Material Organisation (DMO) tweeted a photo
  of the signing of the first RNLAF AH-64E. Based on the photo it will receive serial Q-31.
04-09-20 US Army awarded LONGBOW Limited Liability Company (a joint venture of Lockheed Martin and
  Northrop Grumman Corporation) a FMS contract to provide the AH-64E Apache helicopter
  AN/APG-78 LONGBOW Fire Control Radar to the Royal Netherlands Air Force.
2018 Letter of Offer and Acceptance signed.

In 2018 the Dutch government signed the letter of offer and acceptance. The RNLAF will be contracted through the FMS system. Boeing and the US Army are negotiating a multi year block buy contract for both new and retrofitted AH-64E's. The order for the (retrofitted) Netherlands AH-64's will be incorporated in an US Army contract awarded by the US DoD to Boeing Defence.