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Royal Netherlands Air Force F-35 Lightning II
Latest update: November 2020
Due to the corona crisis in Europe the delivery of F-35A's to Leeuwarden Air Base is delayed. According to original plans seven Lightning IIs were to be delivered. Three of them before July 2020, one either during the end of the second quarter of beginning of the third. The remaining three during the third and fourth quarter.
From aircraft F-009 / AN-9 the F-35A's are built in Italy at the Cameri FACO. It's unknown when the delivery process (aircraft flight tests and delivery flight) will be resumed.
Date Royal Netherlands Air Force F-35A program highlights
17-11-20 Delivery of aircraft F-014 to Leeuwarden AB.
27-10-20 Delivery of aircraft F-013 to Leeuwarden AB.
01-10-20 The first four-ship F-35A flight was flown in the morning (Leeuwarden air base).
02-09-20 First flight F-014 to be delivered to Leeuwarden Air Base.
25-08-20 First flight F-013 to be delivered to Leeuwarden Air Base.
14-07-20 Delivery of aircraft F-011 and F-012 to Leeuwarden AB. The first two aircraft LRIP 12 aircraft of eight ordered.
18-06-20 First flight F-012 to be delivered to Leeuwarden Air Base.
15-06-20 First flight F-011 to be delivered to Leeuwarden Air Base.
21-05-20 Aircraft F-001 (AN-1) transferred from 323 TES at Edwards AFB, Californnia to NODF-35 / 308th FS at Luke AFB, Arizona.
16-12-19 Delivery of F-010 to Leeuwarden AB completing the delivery of eight LRIP 11 F-35A's. Six in the USA, two in NL.
31-10-19 Delivery of F-009 to Leeuwarden AB becoming the first operational based F-35A in The Netherlands.
12-09-19 Official roll-out ceremony for aircraft F-009.
09-09-19 First flight F-009 to be delivered to Leeuwarden Ai Base. First FACO Cameri, Italy build aircraft for the RNLAF.
10-05-19 F-008 delivered to 323 TES Edwards, AFB, California. Last aircraft delivered by Fort Worth, TX.
08-05-19 F-35A Limited Military Type Certificate issued.
01-05-19 F-002 passed 1.000 flight hours.
15-04-19 First flight F-008 to be delivered to NODF-35 (308 FS) Luke AFB, Arizona. Last aircraft of the Fort Worth production line.
19-03-19 F-005 delivered to NODF-35 (308 FS) Luke AFB, Arizona.
12-03-19 F-007 delivered to NODF-35 (308 FS) Luke AFB, Arizona.
06-03-19 F-006 delivered to NODF-35 (308 FS) Luke AFB, Arizona.
20-02-19 First flight F-007 to be delivered to NODF-35 (308 FS) Luke AFB, Arizona.
07-02-19 F-004 delivered to NODF-35 (308 FS) Luke AFB, Arizona.
04-02-19 F-003 delivered to NODF-35 (308 FS) Luke AFB, Arizona.
30-01-19 Official roll-out of F-35A F-003 (first flight on December 15, 2018).
28-01-19 First flight F-006 to be delivered to NODF-35 (308 FS) Luke AFB, Arizona.
23-01-19 First flight F-005 to be delivered to NODF-35 (308 FS) Luke AFB, Arizona.
08-01-19 First flight F-004 to be delivered to NODF-35 (308 FS) Luke AFB, Arizona.
15-12-19 First flight F-003 to be delivered to NODF-35 (308 FS) Luke AFB, Arizona.
14-12-18 On December 14, 2018 the government approved the national NATO plan. During the spring of 2019 additional
  money from the state budget will be divided with the intention for an additional investment in defence. Part of
  additional budget will be allocated to extra F-35A's. Minister of Defence Bijleveld referred to about 15 aircraft.
17-10-18 MoD announced to buy the final three F-35s  confirming the buy of 37 aircraft. Order to be placed in October 2018
  to include these aircraft into the production of Lot 15 with delivery in 2023.
16-10-18 After a crash of an USMC F-35B a fleet wide inspection of the F-35s was ordered. The inspection revealed that
  one of the 323 TES F-35A's will need to receive new fuel lines.
15-06-18 Start of assembly of the first F-35A build by Leonardo at Camera Italy.
10-06-16 Official presentation to the public at the Luchtmachtdagen (Air Force Days) at Leeuwarden.
07-06-16 F-35A flight over The Netherlands.
26-05-16 Belevingsvluchten (experience flights)  for Leeuwarden and Volkel residents.
23-05-16 Arrival of the two F-35As at Leeuwarden Air Base.
16-01-15 Both F-35A's were flown (5 hour flight) from Eglin AFB, Florida to Edwards AFB, California. They joined
  the Operational Test & Evaluation phase.
04-11-14 323 squadron activated as the first RNLAF F-35 squadron at Eglin AFB, Florida on Tuesday November 4, 2014
18-12-13 The first F-35A (F-001) solo flight by a RNLAF was conducted by Major Laurens Jan Vijge from Eglin AFB, Florida..
10-10-13 The first Dutch pilots started the pilot training program theoratic phase with first flights planned in December.
  Training commenced to be ready for the operational test and development phase to start in 2015.
25-07-13 First F-35A (AN-1 / F-001) handed over by the US DoD.
04-04-13 Both F-35s grounded until the government made a decision about the replacement of the F-16. See note
06-03-13 Second F-35A (F-002) rolled of the production line at Fort, Worth, Texas.
06-08-12 Roll out of the first Dutch F-35A (F-001).
09-02-12 Jet engine installed on the first F-35A (F-001).
14-11-06 Poduction Sustainment & Follow-on Development (PSFD) Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed with US.
2011 Order for the second (test) RNLAF F-35A.
02-06-09 Order for the first (test) RNLAF F-35A.
29-02-08 Government decided to take part in the Initial Operational Test and Evaluation phase (IOT&E).
2002 Netherlands Tier / Level 2 partner JSF (Joint Strike Fighter Progeam).