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Royal Netherlands Air Force KC-30 (A330MRTT)
Latest update: January 2021
Date Milestone
19-11-20 Delivery (flight) of the third aircraft (T-056) for the MMU from Getafe, Spain to main operating base Eindhoven.
28-09-20 The MMU and Airbus defence announce the purchase of the ninth KC-30M funded by Luxembourg (1.200 flight hours).
24-08-20 The first air refueling mission (TLG 74 EF-2000's)was flown by aircraft T-054 who made its first operational flight. 
20-07-20 First operational flight of aircraft T-055.
10-08-20 Delivery (flight) of the second aircraft (T-054) for the MMU from Getafe, Spain to main operating base Eindhoven.
30-06-20 Delivery (flight) of the first aircraft (T-055) for the MMU from Getafe, Spain to main operating base Eindhoven.
29-06-20 Offical hand-over (delivery) of the first aircraft (T-055) for the MMU by Airbus Defence at Getafe, Spain.
16-06-20 Acceptance flight of the first aircraft (T-055) to be delivered to the MMU.
24-10-19 The Czech Republic joined the MMU at the NATO Defence Ministers in Brussels on October 24.
18-06-19 France and the MMU countries signed a LoI to collaborate on maintenance, modifications.
  exchanges of expertise and joint training.
14-06-19 KC-30 "MRTT054" on static display at Lychtmachtdagen Volkel Air Base June 14-15.
02-02-18 Sixth aircraft ordered by Belgium. Option to buy up to three additional aircraft.
23-01-18 Visit by an Airbus D&S A330MRTT to Eindhoven AB.
22-12-17 Belgium announced to join the MFF program which will lead to one aircraft to be ordered. 
25-10-17 Five aircraft ordered by Germany and Norway with an option for up to four additional aircraft.
  Four aircraft will be based at Eindhoven Air Base, Netherlands and three at Cologne Bonn Airport, Germany.
29-06-17 Germany and Norway formally join Netherlands and Luxembourg to operate pooled fleet Airbus A330MRTTs.
28-07-16 Press release by MoD of The Netherlands purchase of two aircraft with option for one to six aircraft for 
  future participants.
July 2016 Luxembourg and The Netherlands sign Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to puchase pooled fleet
  of the A330MRTT.
08-07-05 Luxembourg joining MFF program with Belgium and Germany expressing their interest.
07-07-05 Airbus selected to receive a request for proposal.
06-07-05 Airbus D&S and Boeing invited to submit a bid for the MMU contract.