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NATO Multinational MRTT Unit (MMU)
Latest update: August 2022
Prod. Lot Prod. Batch MSN Serial FMS serial First Flight Delivery date Status Delivered to sqn Current sqn
    1830 T-054   15-11-17 10-08-20 Active MMU MMU
    1911 T-055   21-01-19 30-06-20 Active MMU MMU
    1919 T-056   26-06-19 19-11-20 Active MMU MMU
    1945 T-057   06-11-19 01-04-21 Active MMU MMU
    1960 T-058     31-08-21 Active MMU MMU
    1982 T-059     27-07-22 Active MMU MMU
    1989 T-060     29-07-22 Active MMU MMU
      T-061     10-2024 On order    
      T-062     2024 On order    

The MMU operates from main operating base (MOB) Eindhoven AB and forward operating base + (FOB+) Cologne-Bonn AB, Germany.

Aircraft can operate from both bases. However, their assignment is:

Serial MOB / FOB+
T-054 Eindhoven
T-055 Eindhoven
T-056 Cologne
T-057 Cologne
T-058 Eindhoven
T-059 Cologne
T-060 Eindhoven
T-061 Eindhoven
T-062 Cologne

Aircraft T-056 is converted to the MEDEVAC role.