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Falcon Autumn 2022
Latest update: November 2022
Exercise Falcon Autumn 2022 takes place from 31 October until 18 November 2022. The exercise is organized by 11 Luchtmobiele Brigade (11LMB, 11 Air Mobile Brigade - 11AMB).

More than 1.000 soldiers from Germany, Poland, United States and host nation The Netherlands will take part. Aviation helicopter participants will operate from De Peel Air Base.
11LMB is organized into three infantry battalions, one eskadron and five support companies. During Falcon Autumn one of the infantry battalions is trained. They are supported by the other units. The main task for 11 LMB is air assault operations. They are supported by Royal Netherlands Air Force squadrons with 301 squadron providing reconnaissance and close air support with their AH-64D Apache helicopters. Transport, when needed with underslung loads, is provided by 298 squadron (CH-47F Chinook), 300 squadron (AS532.U2 Cougar) and 860 squadron (NH90-NFH). This year also a Polish company took part in the exercise with the Polish Army also providing one Mi-8MT and two Mi-8T transport helicopters. United States Army Europe and Africa, 12th Combat Aviation Brigade (12 CAB) participated with their CH-47F's, UH-60M Blackhawk and AH-64D Apache helicopters.

On 4 and 5 November the first main action took place. 11LMB forces and their allied colleagues were tasked to capture and defend three bridges and a lock at Ossesluis. First to arrive in the area were 12 CAB Apaches equipped with the Longbow radar. They used their radars for reconnaissance and when deemed save called in the infantry soldiers which were supported by their engineering colleagues. After they infantry and engineering soldiers had captured their objectives the Chinooks (second wave) and two Chinooks and one Blackhawk (third wave) flew in vehicles and supplies. All forces were extracted on Saturday 5 November.

In the second week the scenario will build up with the troops starting their attack on Drachten airport during Wednesday. It will take them a day or more to clear the airfield and secure the area making it possible for the helicopters to use the base. Friday will see further actions until all goals are reached. The extraction will take place on Saturday. The participants will then start their preparation for the 'finale' on Wednesday 16 November. A large air assault will take place at former navy base Valkenburg in the province of Zuid Holland. It will conclude exercise Falcon Autumn 2022.
Forward Arming and Refueling Point
Exercise Falcon Autumn used several Forward Arming and Refueling Point (FARP). At a FARP helicopters receive fuel and when needed are rearmed. It saves time as the helicopters don't have to return to their base(s). FARP's used during Falcon Autumn were:  Arnhemse heide (Nov 2-4), Deelen (Nov 2- current), Ginkelse heide (Nov 2- current).

FARP Deelen was used by 12 CAB helicopters with four Apaches using Arnhemse heide on 4 November. FARP Ginkelse heide was used by all Dutch helicopters as well as the Polish Mi-8's.
FARP Ginkelse heide
Photo gallery: Ossesluis 4 November 2022
12 CAB Blackhawk and Chinook arriving at LZ near the lock dropping of the infantry and engineering soldiers.
The helicopters depart with soldiers attacking the enemy on the lock Wounded soldier being treated before
the NH90 assigned the Medevac role arrived to pick up all casualties and fly them back to a hospital.
During the entire action American and Dutch (pictured) Apaches guarded the area.    
Participants Falcon Autumn 2022
Country: Aircraft: No. aircraft: Squadron: Wing Airbase: Comments:
Netherlands AS532.U2 2 300 squadron   Gilze-Rijen  
  CH-47F 4 298 squadron   Gilze-Rijen  
  AH-64D 4 301 squadron   Gilze-Rijen  
  NH90-NFH 2 860 squadron   De Kooy  
Poland Mi-8M 2 1. ES / 2. ES 1. dlot Leznica-Wielka  
Poland Mi-8MT 1 1. ES / 2. ES 1. dlot Leznica-Wielka  
United States CH-47F 5 B/1-214 GSAB 12 CAB Ansbach  
  UH-60M 8 A/1-214 GSAB 12 CAB Wiesbaden  
  AH-64D 6 ?/1-3 ARB 12 CAB Ansbach  
Total   34

860 squadron participated with three NH90-NFH's with an aircraft swop in the first week.
Photo gallery participants 
Netherlands: AS532.U2 Cougar Netherlands: CH-47F Chinook Netherlands: AH-64D Apache
Netherlands: NH90-NFH Poland: Mi-8MT Poland: Mi-8T
United States: CH-47F Chinook United States: UH-60M Blackhawk United States: AH-64D Apache