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Falcon Leap 2015
Latest update: September 2018
In September 2015 the first edition of what would become the annual Falcon Leap exercise was held. Exercise Falcon Leap is organized by the Royal Netherlands Army, 11 Air Mobile Brigade together with their Royal Netherlands Air Force colleagues from 336 squadron. Falcon Leap was held from Wednesday September 13 until Friday September 15.
Participants Falcon Leap 2015
Country: Aircraft: No. aircraft: Squadron / Wing: Airbase: Comments:
Belgium C-130H 1 20 smaldeel Melsbroek  
Germany C-160D 2 LTG 63 Hohn  
Netherlands C-130H.30 1 336 squadron Eindhoven  
Total   4
Missions and jump locations  
Jump locations: Date Executed missions: Planned missions: Mission rate
Marnewaard September 16 0 Unknown (3?)  
Ginkelse heide September 17 0 Unknown (3?)  
Houtdorperveld September 18 4 4 100,00%
Total   4 4 100,00%
Photo gallery participants Falcon Leap
Belgium C-130H Hercules Germany C-160D Transall Netherlands C-130H Hercules
Photo gallery Eindhoven arrival German Air Force C-160D September 15
Photo gallery Houtdorperveld September 18