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Falcon Leap 2018
Latest update: October 2018
The annual Falcon Leap exercise organized by the Royal Netherlands Army, 11 Air Mobile Brigade together with their Royal Netherlands Air Force colleagues from 336 squadron took place from September 19 until September 21.
Participants Falcon Leap 2018
Operating from Eindhoven Air Base:
Country: Aircraft: No. aircraft: Squadron / Wing: Airbase: Comments:
Belgium C-130H 1 20 Smaldeel Melsbroek  
Netherlands C-130H.30 1 336 squadron Eindhoven  
Poland C-295M 1 13 ELTr Krakow-Balice  
United States C-130H 1 96th AS (934th AW) Minneapolis St. Paul, Minnesota AFRC
  C-130H 1 700th AS (94th AW) Dobbins AFB, Georgia AFRC
Total   5

The Belgian Air Component C-130H arrived at Eindhoven on Thursday September 20 in the afternoon.

Except the above participating aircraft also two M-28 Skytrucks (within USAF AFSOC C-145A) leased by the German DoD to support its Division Schnelle Kräfte (DSK) took part in exercise Falcon Leap. Both aircraft were assigned to fly one mission in the morning to military aviation terrain Deelen dropping the para's with the military free fall chutes.
Missions and jump locations  
Jump locations: Date Executed missions: Planned missions: Mission rate
Ginkelse heide September 19 2 3 66,67%
Ginkelse heide September 20 3 3 100,00%
Ginkelse heide September 21 0 3 0,00%
Total   5 9 55,56%

On Wednesday September 19 wave 3 was cancelled. All three planned waves on the Friday were cancelled due to the weather conditions the wind exceeding the limitations to safely conduct the jumps.

Ambulance from 11 medical company.
Photo gallery Ginkelse heide September 19
Photo gallery Ginkelse heide September 20