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Falcon Leap 2021
Latest update: September 2021
Exercise Falcon Leap 2021 is scheduled to take place from September 6 - 17. The first week will see aircraft participate in cargo delivery drops with the second week devoted to para jumps.
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Participants Falcon Leap 2021
Operating from Eindhoven Air Base: Week 1 (CDS) and week 2 (PJE)
Country: Aircraft: No. aircraft: Squadron: Wing Airbase:
Germany C-160D 1   LTG 63 Hohn
Italy C-130J.30 1 2° Gruppo or 50° Gruppo 46° BA Pisa
  KC-130J 1 2° Gruppo or 50° Gruppo 46° BA Pisa
Netherlands C-130H 2 336 squadron   Eindhoven
Poland C295M 2 13 ELTr 8. BLTr Krakow - Balice
United Kingdom Cancelled        
United States C-130J.30 3 39 AS or 40 AS 317 AW Dyess AFB, Texas
Total   10
Operating from Volkel Air Base: Week 2 (PJE)
Country: Aircraft: No. aircraft: Squadron: Wing Airbase:
Czech Republic Mi-171Sh 1 222.vl 22nd Helicopter Base Náměšť nad Oslavou
United States CH-47F 2 B/2-1 GSAB 1 CAB Fort Riley, Marshall AAF, KS
Total   3

TBC: To Be Confirmed.

The first participant for exercise Falcon Leap arrive on Saturday September 4. Two C-130J.30's assigned to the 317th Airlift Wing (39th or 40th Airlift Squadron) landed at Eindhoven air base after their flight from Goose Bay, Canada.

A third Hercules assigned to 317th AW should also make the journey from Canada.

Falcon Leap 2021 will mark the first-time helicopters will participate in the exercise. The Czech air force will sent one Mi-171Sh, a version of the Mi-17 Hip. The U.S. Army will participate with two helicopters reported to be CH-47F Chinooks. These can be either from Germany based B/1-214 GSAB "Big Windy" or B/2-1 GSAB "Diesel". 2-1 GSAB is part of the 1st Combat Aviation Brigade stationed at Fort Riley, KS. Marshall AAF, KS and currently on deployment in Europe in support of Operation Atlantic Resolve.

USAF: Air Mobility Command 317th Airlift Wing is composed of the 39th and 40th Airlift Squadrons and are based at Dyess AFB, Texas. At the Texan base also B-1B Lancer bombers assigned to 7th Bomb Wing are housed.

Germany would take part during the second week of the exercise. In previous editions the German air force participated with the C-160D Transall. Later this month a farewell will be organized and the transport aircraft will be withdrawn from service. Its mission has been taken over by the A400M.

The Royal Air Force is said to have cancelled its participation due to the high operations tempo of its transport aircraft in the last week flying refugees from Afghanistan to the Middle East and the United Kingdom.

Which aircraft will 'show up' at Eindhoven air base will be clear the next two weeks as the Afghanistan mission effected also the other countries transport fleet.

Updates will be made when more information will become available.
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