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Frisian Flag 2015
Latest update: October 2015
The annual Royal Netherlands Air Force (RNLAF) exercise Frisian Flag (FF) took place from April 13th - April 24th. This years exercise saw the participation of 12 F-15C/D Eagles from the United States Air Force - Air National Guard (ANG). The 159th Fighter Squadron from the Florida ANG and the 123rd Fighter Squadron Oregon ANG deployed to Europe supporting Atlantic Resolve and as the second Theather Security Package (TSP) as the 159th Expeditionary Fighter Squadron. After their stay in the Netherlands the unit deployed to Eastern Europe with Bulgaria Graf Ignatievo the first air base to welcome the F-15s.

Simultaneously with Frisian Flag the second European Air Refueling Training (EART) exercise took place at Eindhoven. The participating tankers (French Air Force C-135FR, German A310MRTT, Italian KC-767A and RNLAF KDC-10) supported the FF participants.
Participants Frisian Flag 2015
Operating from Leeuwarden Air Base:
Country: Aircraft: No. aircraft: Squadron / Wing: Airbase: Comments:
Finland F/A-18C   HävLLv31 Kuopio / Rissala  
Germany EF-2000   TaktLwG 31 Norvenich  
Netherlands F-16AM/BM   312 Squadron Volkel  
      313 Squadron Volkel  
      322 Squadron Leeuwarden  
Poland F-16C/D   10 ELT Łask  
Spain EF-18A/B   Ala 12 Torrejón  
United States F-15C/D   123rd FS Portland, Orgeon 159th EFS
      159th FS Jacksonville, Florida 159th EFS
Total   0
Operating from their home base:
Country: Aircraft: No. aircraft: Squadron / Wing: Airbase: Comments:
NATO E-3A 1 NAEW&CF Geilenkirchen  
Netherlands C-130H / C-130H-30 1 336 Squadron Eindhoven  
Total   2
Support aircraft (on arrival and/or departure days):
Country: Aircraft: No. aircraft: Squadron / Wing: Airbase: Comments:
Finland C-295M 1 TukiLLv Tampere  
Poland C-130E 1 14 ELTr Powidz  
  C-295M 2 13 ELTr Krakow-Balice  
Spain C-130H 1 Ala 31 Zaragoza  
Total   5


Finland, Germany, Netherlands, NATO, Poland, Spain, United States.
F-15, F-16, F/A-18, EF-2000, C-130, C-295, E-3.
Participants Frisian Flag 2015
Finland: F/A-18C Germany: EF-2000 Netherlands: F-16AM
Netherlands: F-16AM   Poland: F-16C/D  Spain: EF-18A/B
 United States: F-15C United States: F-15C   
Photo gallery (arrival day April 10)
Photo gallery April 13