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Royal Netherlands Air Force CH-47F
Latest update: December 2021
CH-47D Chinook:

7 CH-47C bought from the Royal Canadian Air Force. These were upgraded to CH-47D standard. D-661 until D-667.
6 CH-47D purchased from Boeing Defense. D-101 until D106.

D-104 (13.11.05) and D-105 (27.07.05) were lost in accidents in Afghanistan.

On 22 December 2021 the last CH-47D (D-667 "Rodney") made her last flight. It was flown from Gilze-Rijen to the Oirschotse heide (GLV-V) and then to Leeuwarden and De Kooy for a fuel stop. After departure the crew went to Soesterberg before returning to Gilze-Rijen for a flypast with two CH-47F's and made her last landing at Woensdrecht.

CH-47F Chinook:

6 CH-47F purchased from Boeing Defense. D-890 until D-895. Returned to Boeing to be inducted into the remanufacture program.


14 CH-47F MYII CAAS purchased from Boeing Defense. D-474 until D-485. Delivery in 2020.
6 CH-47F MYII CAAS remanufactured CH-47F. D-601 until D-606. Delivery in 2021. See CH-47F.

The remanufactured helicopters are basically new airframes with usable components of the original Chinooks used.
CH-47D Chinook (D-101 until D-106)
D-101 D-102 (WFU) D-103
D-104 (Written Off) D-105 (Written Off) D-106
CH-47D Chinook (D-661 until D-667)
D-661 (WFU) D-662 (WFU) D-663 (WFU)
D-664 (WFU) D-665 D-666 (WFU)
CH-47F MYII CAAS Chinook (D-472 until D-485)
D-472 D-473 D-474
D-475 D-476 D-477
D-478 D-479 D-480
D-481 D-482 D-483
D-484 D-485  
CH-47F MYII CAAS Chinook (D-601 until D-606)
D-601 D-602 D-603
D-604 D-605 D-606
CH-47F Chinook (D-890 until D-895)
D-890 (WFU) D-891 (WFU) D-892 (WFU)
D-893 (WFU) D-894 (WFU) D-895 (WFU)