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Frisian Flag 2019
Latest update: November 2019
Photo gallery March 29 (arrival day)
Polish Air Force C-295M support for the F-16's.  Swiss Air Force F/A-18C Hornets arrives marking their first participation at FF.  French Air Force Mirage 2000D on final runway 23.
More Swiss Air Force Hornets including 
their Tiger marked F/A-18C.
Except the based F-16's both Volkel squadrons participate at FF. 
Another French Mirage 2000D arrives
Followed by a Swiss Falcon 900 in support of the Hornets. First group of Polish F-16's in the overhead break. 
Polish 'Viper' on finals. 
In between the DHHF Hunter F6A arrives at its home base. The Polish Air Force detachment arrived with one F-16D.
This year the MN ANG 179 FS / 148 FW was assigned to take part at FF. The first  wave of 6 F-16's arrive direct from the US