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Frisian Flag 2019
Latest update: January 2020
Photo gallery April 8, 2019
Dutch F-16's line-up at runway 05 Swiss Hornets in the overhead break for landing on the 05.
Another Swiss F/A-18C on final followed by their colleagues from France with the Mirage 2000D
A Dutch F-16 on final with its colleague
turning towards final. 
Another RNLAF F-16AM returns from its mission. Followed by a F-16D from the Polish Air Force.
MN ANG F-16's return to base.

6 ELT brought its Tiger marked F-16

A sight not uncommon during Frisian Flag 
a mixed formation, here F-16's from the Netherlands with German EF-2000's. The four-ship F-16's assigned to the
179 FS returning to Leeuwarden after
completing their mission.  A resident 322 squadron F-16AM returns  followed by German Air Force EF-2000's 
EF-2000 (Eurofighter) about to land. 
The afternoon wave takes off from runway 05.  Taken at the spot at runway 23
some of te Dutch and USAF aircraft remained low but all others were already too high.
The road to the official spotters 'hill'  offers the opportunity for some other shots as aircraft on final approach
overfly the road leading to the hill  with a Swiss Hornet about to touch down  as well as an USAF F-16C 
view of runway 05 and MN F-16C

followed by its Dutch colleague

Polish AF F-16 conducting a missed approach.