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Soesterberg luchtvaartdagen 2018
Latest update: September 2018
On Saturday and Sunday August 25/26 the National Military Museum at Soesterberg organized the Soesterberg luchtvaartdagen (aviation days). It was intended to host a small air show with old aircraft. This event was not allowed by Utrechts landschap who bought the former Soesterberg air base (except the area once housing the 32nd FS) from the ministery of defence. Instead the NMM decided to create a static show with aircraft in its collection which are stored in one of their hangars (in the past used by 298 squadron). The museum contains an inside display of Royal Netherlands Army and Air Force equipment, material etc). Outside a few aircraft are on display with a Fokker F-27, SP-13A (BR1150 Atlantic) and SP-2H Neptune placed under the museum roof and a F-86K, F-102A and Mig-21 placed in front of the museum.
In July the NMM organized an opera held under the roof which saw both the Atlantic and Neptune moved to the ramp infront of the museum. They were joined by a Hunter F4. Especially for the luchtvaart dagen the NMM towed aircraft from its hangars (depot) onto the ramp. On Friday August 24 when preparations for the event were in full swing it was possible to take photographs of the aircraft.

RNLAF: Royal Netherlands Air Force.
MLD: Marine Luchtvaart Dienst (Naval Air Service).
Photo gallery
SP-2H Neptune former MLD.
Former German navy Atlantic. Within MLD designated SP-13A. S-2N Tracker former MLD.
F-4E Phantom II in 32 TFS markings. The aircraft served within the GA ANG.
RNLAF NF-5B wearing a 316 squadron batch, the final squadron to operate the F-5s. RNLAF F-16A traveling exhibit in the process of being placed and 'rebuild'.
F-86F displayed as USAF aircraft, former Portugeuse Air Force.
F-86K displayed as RNLAF aircraft, former Italian Air Force.
The F-102A Delta Dagger was obtained from the Greek Air Force and displayed as USAF.
Fokker S14 trainer for the RNLAF.

The T-37B served as trainer for the USAF. At Sheppard AFB, TX the aircraft was used to train pilots from NATO countries. Beech D18S

  The only former Warsaw pact 'era' aircraft on display, a Mig-21.