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Nationaal Militair Museum - Zomeroffensief 2021
Latest update: October 2021
The Nationaal Militair Museum (National Military Museum) organized its annual summer event called "Zomeroffensief" in the weekend of September 4-5. As usual in the days prior to the event some aircraft of its collection stored in their depot were towed onto the ramp in front of the museum. This year only a few of them were put on display.
Display 2021
Country Aircraft Serial Code Squadron markings Comment
Netherlands NF-5B K-4011   316 squadron  
  TF-104G D-5803      
  SE3130 H-4     Belgian Army:  A29. Real H-4 to France civilian aicraft register.
United States F-4E 67-0275 CR 32 TFS Never flew for 32 TFS. Was assigned to 35 TFS, 3 TFW, George AFB, CA.
  F-86F 52-5385 FU-385   Ex Portugeuse Air Force 5307. MDAP 52-5180. Displayed as 25385.
  F-102A 61032     Ex Greek Air Force 61052.  MDAP 56-1052.
Unknown  Mig-21   47 rd    

The F-86F, F-102A and Mig-21 are always on outside display as well as other aircraft under the roof of the museum. Above list only refers to the aircraft I photographed. 
Photo gallery
The Phantom  The Freedom Fighter The Starfighter
The Alouette II