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Latest update: April 2023
Royal Netherlands Air Force squadron anniversaries
306 squadron: 70th anniversary 313 squadron: 70th anniversary 322 squadron: 80th anniversary
323 TES: 75th anniversary 860 squadron: 80th anniversary  
300 squadron: 60th anniversary 301 squadron: 25th anniversary
299 squadron: 65th anniversary 312 squadron: 70th anniversary 336 squadron: 60th anniversary
298 squadron: 75th anniversary  298 squadron: 75th anniversary 298 squadron: 75th anniversary

All CH-47Ds received a 75th anniverdary sticker on the aft rotor head. D-666 (The Beast) was painted in special marking with a Grizzly bear (squadron callsign) on its right and dragonfly (squadron batch) on its left side.
334 Squadron: 75th anniversary 7  Squadron: 70th anniversary F-16 Fighting Falcon: 40th anniversary
C-130H Hercules: 25th anniversary.    

The F-16 Fighting Falcon entered service in 1979.
The C-130 Hercules entered service in 1994.
322 squadron: 75th anniversary 860 squadron: 75th anniversary 323 squadron: 70th anniversary
313 squadron: 65th anniversary 306 squadron: 65th anniversary 131 (EMVO) squadron: 30th anniversary
No aircraft assigned. MQ-9 on order.
DHC: 10th anniversary MVK De Kooy: 100th anniversary