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Latest update: January 2021
Order and production total Order and production detailed Aircraft withdrawn from use total
Aircraft withdrawn from use detailed Wing and Squadron  
Fighter/Attack aircraft
F-5 Freedom Fighter / Tiger F/A-18 (Super) Hornet / EA-18 Growler
Bomber aircraft
Transport / AAR / MRTT aircraft
Beech 350 (C-12S/W) Beech 1900 Ce.560 Citation V (UC-35)
CL-604 DHC-6 Falcon 900
PC-6 PC-12 (U-28) PC-24
C4ISR aircraft
Training aircraft
PC-7 PC-9 PC-21
Helicopter aircraft
H135 (EC135) H215 (AS332 Super Puma) H215M (AS532 Cougar)
UAV aircraft
Hermes 900