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Operation Copper Arrow
Latest update: April 2021
From April 16, 2021 USAFE - AFAFRICA commenced with Operation Copper Arrow. Air Refueling Wings assigned to the Air National Guard and Air Reserve Command will deploy with the KC-10A Extender, KC-46K Pegasus or KC-135R/T Stratotankers to Ramstein Air Base, Germany during 2021.

Operation Copper Arrow is funded by the European Deterrence Initiative (EDI). EDI also funds the well known Operation Atlantich Resolve deployments. Based on its needs USAFE - AFAFRICA can submit a Request for Forces. In the past this has been done with F-22A Raptor and F-35A Lightning II deployments to the European are of responsibility. USAFE - AFAFRICA Tanker Operations will now oversee a single mission combining the air refueling missions flown from RAF Mildenhall, United Kingdom, Geilenkirchen AB, Germany and Ramstein.

USAFE - AFAFRICA requested additional refueling aircraft to support its missions and training requirements for both its own wings as well as to support allied countries providing them an additional AAR refueling capability. On the April 16 a KC-135R assigned to the 190th Air Refueling Wing, Kansas ANG flew a mission with a NATO E-3A assigned to the NAEW&CF based at Geilenkirchen, Germany.
Based at RAF Mildenhall, United Kingdom the 100th Air Refueling Wing "Bloody Hundredth", 351st Air Refueling Squadron "Anytime Anyplace Anywhere" (KC-135R/T) is the only Air Refueling Wing assigned to USAFE - AFAFRICA. The wing has approximately 15 aircraft assigned and is engaged in a high operations tempo. The deployments by their ANG and AFRC colleagues will relief them a little.
Operation Copper Arrow deployments 2021
Command Wing Squadron Aircraft Base Nickname State Period
ANG 190th ARW 117th ARS KC-135R Topeka / Forbes Field, KS Kansas Coyotes Kansas 16.04.21 - 
ANG 101st ARW 132nd ARS KC-135R Bangor IAP, ME   Maine 16.04.21 -
Except the deployment of the Air Refueling Wings Ramstein is currently (April 30) host to an E-8C JSTAR assigned to the Air National Guards 116th Air Control Wing, Robins AFB, Georgia and two EC-130H COMPASS CALL aircraft assigned to Air Combat Commands 55th Electronic Combat Group, 55th Wing, Davis-Monthan AFB, Arizona.