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US Army National Guard Combat Aviation Brigades
Latest update: Februari 2021
Below reports are presented on army and division number.

Disclaimer: The information is being reviewed and will be updated where appropriate.

The composition of the National Guard CAB's is different compared to their active-duty colleagues. A CAB is reporting to a state but the battalions under its command can be stationed in another state.

Alike their active-duty colleagues the ARNG CAB's can be deployed. A deployed CAB has its designation changed to Expeditionary Combat Aviation Brigade. This is a similar process as deployed USAF squadron and wings.
United States Army National Guard Combat Aviation Brigades
28 Infantry Division, 28 Combat Aviation Brigade
29 Infantry Division, 29 Combat Aviation Brigade
34 Infantry Division, 34 Combat Aviation Brigade
35 Infantry Division, 35 Combat Aviation Brigade
36 Infantry Division, 36 Combat Aviation Brigade
38 Infantry Division, 38 Combat Aviation Brigade
40 Infantry Division, 40 Combat Aviation Brigade
42 Infantry Division, 42 Combat Aviation Brigade
66 Aviation Brigade
77 Infantry Division, 77 Combat Aviation Brigade
185 Aviation Brigade
224 Infantry Division, 224 Combat Aviation Brigade
449 Combat Aviation Brigade
  Division CAB
Name 449 Combat Aviation Brigade
National Guard North Carolina
Station Raleigh Durham IAP, NC
  Salisbury Rowan County, NC
Battalion Helicopter Nickname
C/1-126 GSAB det. 2 HH-60M  
1-130 ARB AH-64D  
C/1-131 AHB UH-60L  
B/2-151 SSB Det.1 UH-72A  
OSACOM Det.17 C-26E  
Company Helicopter Nickname
C/1-126 GSAB det. 2 HH-60M Kill Devil Dustoff
A/1-130 ARB AH-64D Rhinos
B/1-130 ARB AH-64D Killer Bees
C/1-130 ARB AH-64D Chargin' Charly
C/1-131 AHB UH-60L Kill Devil
B/2-151 SSB Det.1 UH-72A One Eye Gooses
OSACOM Det.17 C-26E Honey Badgers