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US Army Combat Aviation Brigades
Latest update: February 2021
Combat Aviation Brigade structure
Combat Aviation Brigades are composed of three battalions and one squadron:

Assault Helicopter Battalion (AHB): equipped with the AH-64D or AH-64E.
Attack Reconnaissance Battalion (ARB): equipped with the UH-60M.
General Support Aviation Battalion (GSAB): equipped with the CH-47F, UH-60L and HH-60M.
Attack Reconnaissance Squadron: equipped with the AH-64D or AH-64E.

The none flying components of the CAB are composed of the Headquarters and Headquarters Company (HHC) and the Aviation Support Battalion (ASB).

Each battalion and cavalry squadron is subdivided into three companies. An ARS is assigned to a CAB but also part of its Cavalry Regiment (CAV).

As always there are a few exceptions to the rule. Not all Combat Aviation Brigades have an ARB or ARS assigned to their structure. See the USAR active duty CAB for detailed information about its structure.

In Europe 12 CAB has no AHB assigned with its UH-60M GSAB company fulfilling the role of the AHB next to its mission to transport VIPs around its theatre of operations. 12 CAB is augmented by active duty CABs who rotate for a period of nine months in support op US Army Operation Atlantic Resolve. The deployed CAB deploys with its AHB, GSAB and either its ARB or ARS.

In South Korea 2 CAB has no ARS assigned. The active duty CABs rotate their ARS through 2 Infantry Division, 2 CAB for a six to nine month period.