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1st CAB "Demon Brigade" Atlantic Resolve (Oct 2023 - Jul 2024)
Latest update: October 2023
The United States Army announced its next rotation of its Combat Aviation Brigades (CAB) on August 18, 2023. Its 82nd will deploy to U.S Central Command replacing its National Guad colleagues of the 185th CAB, MS ARNG. In Europe the 11th Atlantic Resolve rotation (prior known as OAR) was assigned to the 1st CAB "Demong Brigade", 1st Infantry Divisions "BIG RED ONE", Fort Riley, Kansas. The CAB and its battalions are based at Marshall AAF. For the 1st CAB it will be their third deployment to Europe in support of Atlantic Resolve.

Atlantic Resolve rotations last around nine months including shipment from the helicopters, vehicles and other equipment to and from Europe. The Brigades battalions are divided between operations in Central and Eastern Europe (Baltics, Germany, Poland) and Southeastern Europe (Greece and Romania). For the last Greece provides the host nation support while for the other company's ports in Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany and The Netherlands have been used.

Both the outbound 10th rotation as well as the inbound 11th rotation will are flying to/from the port of Vlissingen, The Netherlands. 1st CAB will fly to Woensdrecht Air Base where all helicopters are checked before continuing their flight to their destinations. Their 3rd CAB colleagues will stage through Eindhoven AB and after the ground crews completed their work will fly to Vlissingen.
1st CAB "Demon Brigade" organization
Division, Brigade Abbr. Nickname Base
1st Infantry Division 1st ID BIG RED ONE Fort Riley, Kansas
1st Combat Aviation Brigade 1st CAB Demon Brigade Marshall Army Airfield, Kansas
Aviation Regiment, battalion Helicopter, aircraft Nickname
HHC None Archangels
1-1 ARB AH-64E, MQ-1C Gunfighters
2-1 GSAB CH-47F, UH-60L, HH-60M Fighting Eagles
3-1 AHB UH-60M Nightmares
1-6 CAV AH-64E, MQ-1C The Fighting Sixth
601 ASB None Guardians

AHB: Attack Helicopter Battalion.
ARB: Attack Reconnaisance Battalion.
ARS: Attack Reconnaisance Squadron.
ASB: Aviation Support Battalion.
CAV: Cavalry Regiment.
HHC: Headquarters and Headquarters Company.
GSAB: General Support Aviation Battalion.

For Cavalry regiments the designation is 1st Attack Reconnaisance Squadron, 6th Cavalry Regiment.
1st CAB "Demon Brigade" Battalions and companies
Company Helicopter Nickname AR rotation 11
A/1-1 ARB AH-64E Taz Devils  
B/1-1 ARB AH-64E Wolfpack  
C/1-1 ARB AH-64E Ghostriders  
F/1-1 ARB MQ-1C Fenix  
A/2-1 GSAB UH-60L Wraiths  
B/2-1 GSAB CH-47F Diesel  
C/2-1 GSAB HH-60M Boomer  
A/3-1 AHB UH-60M Black Cats  
B/3-1 AHB UH-60M Black Knights  
C/3-1 AHB UH-60M Black Sheep  
A/1-6 ARS AH-64E    
B/1-6 ARS AH-64E Bandits  
C/1-6 ARS AH-64E    
D/1-6 ARS MQ-1C    

When known the companies deployed for AR 11 will be listed in the table.