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NATO Air Policing: Bulgaria
Latest update: December 2023
Graf Ignatievo Air Base
Rotation no. Country Start End Aircraft Country rot. no.
1 United States 01-09-16 30-09-19 F-15C 1
2 Italy 01-07-17 31-10-17 EF-2000 1
3 Spain 11-02-22 Unknown EF-2000 1
4 Netherlands 06-04-22 31-05-22 F-35A 1
5 Spain 04-11-22 02-12-22 EF-2000 2

The Netherlands, 322 squadron, will deploy three aircraft (two QRA, one spare) to Bulgaria in April and May 2022.

From 2014 the Air Policing mission was also established in Eastern European NATO countries.

In Bulgaria its fighter base Graf Ignatievo hosted the Air Policing rotations. The base also hosted an USAF ANG F-15 Expeditionary Fighter Squadron deploying to Europe under the European Reassurance Initiative (ERI) / Operation Atlantic Resolve (OAR).
Photo gallery
Italian Air Force EF-2000 Royal Netherlands Air Force F-35A Spanish Air Force EF-2000