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Baltic Air Policing: Poland
Latest update: April 2024
Łask Air Base (NATO eFP)
Rotation no. Country Start End Aircraft Country rot. no.
1 United States     F-15C 1
2 United States     F-22A 2
3 United States 10-02-22   F-15E 3
4 United States 28-03-24   F-35A 4

NATO enhanced Forward Presence (eFP).

The base is also used by United States Navy squadrons deployed from the aircraft carrier deployed in the Mediterranean

Łask is also used by United States Air Force aviation rotations which see fighter aircraft operate from the base for several weeks.
Malbork Air Base (BAP)
Rotation no. Country Start End Aircraft Country rot. no.
1 France 30-04-14 01-09-14 Mirage 2000C 1
2 Netherlands 01-09-14 31-12-14 F-16AM 1
3 Belgium 01-01-15 30-04-15 F-16AM 1
4 Belgium 01-05-15 31-08-15 F-16AM 2
5 Portugal 01-03-19 02-05-19 F-16AM 1
6 Turkey 06-07-21 Mid Sept. F-16C 1
7 Italy 01-08-22 01-12-22 F-2000A 1
8 Netherlands 27-01-23 31-03-23 F-35A 2
9 Italy 13-09-23 13-02-24 F-35A 2
10 Italy 13-02-24   F-2000A 3
Powidz Air Base (NATO eFP)
Rotation no. Country Start End Aircraft Country rot. no.
1 United States 08-04-23 17-06-23 F-22A 1

On April 8, 2023 the 94th Fighter Squadron, 1st Fighter Wing arrived with 9 F-22A Raptors to support the NATO enhanced Forward Presence (eFP) mission. 94 FS was retasked and relocated to Jordan in June 2023.
Already present at the base were E-3G AWACS aircraft assigned to the 552nd ACW, Tinker AGN, Oklahoma.
Air Policing Poland

(A): Augmenting.

The Polish Air Force 22nd Air Base (22 BLT) is located at Malbork Air Base in the northeast of Poland. Based here is 41. elt (eskadra lotnictwa taktycznego - tactical aviation squadron) equipped with the Mikoyan Mig-29G/GT.

The three Baltic nations Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania joined NATO in March 2004. As the countries didn't en don't operate fighter aircraft the NATO Baltic Air Policing (BAP) mission stood up to safeguard the integrity and security of the Baltic airspace. BAP missions are rotated between other NATO countries. The first rotation was conducted by Belgium sending its F-16s to Šiauliai Air Base in Lithuania. Until April 2014 all BAP missions were conducted from Šiauliai Air Base. As a result of the changing security situation in Eastern Europe (Ukraine, Crimea) a second operating base was actived at Ämari Air Base in Estonia from May 2014. The Danish Air Force with its F-16s was the first NATO member conducting BAP missions from Ämari Air Base. For a short period also Malbork Air Base in Poland was used to support BAP and reassure the Baltic countries and Poland.

Currently Šiauliai is hosting the BAP lead nation while Ämari is host to the augmenting nation. From September 1, 2014 until August 21, 2015 augmenting nations also operated out of Lithuania, these rotations are marked (A).

Łask air base is used by USAFE&AFA to host aviation rotations of European or stateside based fighter wings. In 2022 the 480th FS deployed to the base in support of the first Air Policing Mission stationed at Łask.
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