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Latest update: July 2021
Order and production total Order and production detailed Aircraft withdrawn from use total
Aircraft withdrawn from use detailed Wing and Squadron  
Photo gallery: Fighter/Attack aircraft
Mirage 2000 Rafale
Photo gallery: Transport / MRTT aircraft
A310 A330 A330MRTT
A340 A400M (K)C-135
Beech 350 C-130 (Super) Hercules C-160 Transall
DHC-6 Falcon 7 Falcon 8
Falcon 10 Falcon 20 Falcon 50
Falcon 900 Falcon 2000 Casa 212
CN235 PC-6 TBM-700
Fokker 100    
Photo gallery: C4ISR aircraft
Atlantique 2 E-2 Hawkeye E-3 AWACS
Photo gallery: Training aircraft
Alpha Jet EMB-121 PC-21
Photograph not available.
Photo gallery: Helicopter aircraft
H120 (EC120 Colibri) H125 (AS350 B3e Ecureuil) AS555
H125M (AS350/355/550/555) H160 H215 (AS332 Super Puma)
H215M (AS532 Cougar) H225 (EC225 Super Puma) H225M (EC725 Caracal)
AS365/SA365/SA366/SA565 Dauphin Lynx NH90
SA330 Tiger SA341/342
Photo gallery: UAV aircraft
Q-9 Reaper