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Latest update: April 2023
Royal Netherlands Air Force: elsewhere
The Royal Netherlands Air Force has personnel detached at other countries. In support of international partnerships they are detached to squadrons or organizations. Training of future pilots, who have completed their basic pilot training program, takes places in in the USA. The Euro-NATO Joint Jet Pilot Training Program at Sheppard AFB, Texas provides for jet training using the T-38C Talon. Helicopter pilots are trained by the US Army at Fort Rucker, Alabama. After completing their course pilots selected for fighter aircraft (Currently F-16AM and F-35A) and the CH-47F Chinook and AH-64D/E Apache will join the Dutch training squadrons (see wing and squadron report) in the USA.

Personnel is also attached to squadrons and bases in support of several international partnerships.
International training programs
ENJJPTP Fort Rucker
International partnership programs

European Air Transport Command (EATC):

Missions flown by 334 and 336 squadrons are planned and executed by the EATC.


Based at Geilenkirchen in Germany the NATO E-3A Component operates the E-3A AWACS. RNLAF personnel is detached to the NATO Airborne Early Warning & Control Force.

The Heavy Airlift Squadron based at Pápa Air Base in Hungary operates three C-17A Globemaster transport aircraft on behalf of its twelve (Strategic Airlift Capability) member nations. Annually the RNLAF utilises 500 flight hours.