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United Kingdom
Latest update: July 2020
Order and production total Order and production detailed Aircraft withdrawn from use total
Aircraft withdrawn from use detailed Wing and Squadron Airshow
Fighter/Attack aircraft
F-35 Lightning II EF-2000 / Typhoon
Bomber aircraft
Transport / AAR / MRTT aircraft
A330MRTT (Voyager) A400M (Atlas) BAe-146
Beech 350 (Avenger) Beech 350 (Shadow)  
C4ISR aircraft
E-3 AWACS E-7 / E-737 P-8 Poseidon
RC-135W Rivet Joint    
Training aircraft
Helicopter aircraft
AW101 (Merlin) AW109 AW159 (Wildcat)
Bell 212 (AB212) Bell 412 (AB412) H135 (EC135)
H145 (EC145 / Bk117) AS365 H-47 Chinook
H-64 Apache (Guardian) SA330 Puma SA341 / SA342 Gazelle
UAV aircraft
Q-9 Reaper