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Latest update: July 2021
Order and production total Order and production detailed Aircaft withdrawn from use total
Aircaft withdrawn from use detailed Wings and squadrons  
Photo gallery: Fighter/Attack aircraft
CF-188 (F/A-18 Hornet)
Photo gallery: Transport / MRTT aircraft
CC150 Polaris (A310 / A310MRTT) Beech 350ER CC-177 (C-17A Globemaster III)
CC-130 (C-130 Hercules) CC-295 (C-295W) CC-144 Challenger
CC-115 Buffalo CC-138 Twin Otter CT-142 Dash-8
Photo gallery: ISR/ASW aircraft
CP-140 Aurora (P-3 Orion)
Photo gallery: Training aircraft
CT-114 Tutor CT-155 (Hawk) CT-156 Harvard II (T-6)
Photo gallery: Helicopter aircraft
CH-149 Cormorant (AW101) CH-146 Griffon (Bell 412) CH-147 (CH-47 Chinook)
CH-148 Cyclone (H-92)    
Photo gallery: UAV aircraft