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United States of America
Latest update: July 2021
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Photo gallery     
Reports by armed services
United States Air Force United States Navy United States Marine Corps
United States Army United States Coast Guard  
Photo gallery: Fighter/Attack aircraft
A-10 Thunderbolt II  EMB-314 (A-29) Super Tucano  F-5 Freedom Fighter / Tiger 
F-15 (Strike) Eagle  F-16 Fighting Falcon  F/A-18 (Super) Hornet / EA-18 Growler 
F-22 Raptor  F-35 Lightning II  AV-8 / Harrier 
Photo gallery: Bomber aircraft
B-1 Lancer  B-2 Spirit  B-52 Stratofortress 
B-21 Raider     
Aircraft on order.
Photo gallery: Transport / MRTT aircraft
C-2 Greyhound  C-5 (Super) Galaxy  C-9 Nightingale 
C-10 Extender  C-12 Huron  C-17 Globemaster III
C-20  C-21  C-25
C-26  C-27 C-31
 C-32  C-35  C-37
C-38  C-40 Clipper  C-46 Pegasus 
C-130 (Super) Hercules  C-135  C-144 
C-145 C-146 C-147
CN235 G550 U-18
Photo gallery: ISR/ASW aircraft
E-2 Hawkeye  E-3 AWACS  E-4 Nighthawk 
E-6 Mercury  E-8 JSTAR  E-9 Widget 
E-11  P-3 Orion  P-8 Poseidon 
 R-9 U-2 Dragon Lady   
Photo gallery: Training aircraft
L-39 Albatros T-1 Jayhawk (T-400) T-6 Texan II
T-7 Red Hawk TG-15  TG-16 
T-38 Talon T-51  T-53 
Photo gallery: Helicopter aircraft
AH-1 Cobra UH-1 Huey H-3 Seaking
H-6 Littlebird H-47 Chinook H-53 Sea Stallion /  Super Stallion
H-60 Blackhawk / Seahawk H-64 Apache (Guardian) H-65
H-67 H-72  H-92 Superhawk
H-139 MD530 Mi-171
Mi-24 CV/MV-22 Osprey  
Photo gallery: UAV aircraft
Q-4 Globel Hawk / Triton Q-8 Fire Scout Q-9 Reaper
Q-25 Stingray Q-28