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Total Aircraft Inventory (USAF)
Latest update: July 2023
Air & Space Forces Magazine annually publishes the Air Force & Space Force Almanac (previously Air Force Magazine and Air Force Almanac) in June. The Almanac contains a lot of information covering the Air & Space Force.

The Aircraft Total Active Inventory (TAI) reports the number of active aircraft divided by aircraft role assigned to USAF active duty, ANG and AFRC wings. These numbers are reported "As of September 30". In below reports these are numbers are reported as the start of a Fiscal Year (FY) which in the United States is on October 1 each year.
Total Aircraft Inventory (TAI) by Fiscal Year
USAF TAI: 2020 - 2029 USAF TAI: 2010 - 2019 TAI by Fiscal Year (FY)
 USAF TAI: aircraft 2020 - 2029  USAF TAI: aircraft 2010 - 2019  
Total Aircraft Inventory (TAI) by service
Total Aircraft Inventory (TAI) graphics