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United States tour January and February 2020
Latest update: May 2020
Below you will find photographs made during a trip to the USA in at the end of January and begin of February 2020. Information is provided about the stationed squadrons at the bases of the USAF, USN and USMC and supported by photographs. The California and Arizona region is known to host several deployments of aircraft assigned to the US armed forces and the Royal Canadian Air Force during the winter period. Squadrons operates from the southwest bases to fulfill their training needs while using the available (live ammunition) ranges in both states. At the same time the first of three scheduled Red Flag exercises takes place at Nellis AFB. Reports for Nellis have divided into a report covering the 57th Wing and Red Flag 20-1. The reports are presented on alphabetical order.
309th AMARG Davis Monthan AFB Imperial County Airport
Luke AFB MCAS Yuma NAF El Centro
Naval Outlying Landing Field Imperial Beach  Nellis AFB

Red Flag 20-1, Nellis AFB

North Las Vegas Airport Palmdale Phoenix Mesa Gateway Airport
Phoenix Scottsdale Airport Phoenix Sky Harbor IAP Tucson IAP