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Frisian Flag 2016
Latest update: December 2016
Participants Frisian Flag 2016
Operating from Leeuwarden Air Base:
Country: Aircraft: No. aircraft: Squadron / Wing: Airbase: Comments:
Belgium F-16AM/BM 8 10 Wing Kleine-Brogel  
Finland F/A-18C 6 HavLLv 31 Rissala  
France Mirage 2000D 5 EC 003 Nancy  
Germany EF-2000 10 TaktLwG 31 Norvenich  
Netherlands C-130H 1 336 Squadron Eindhoven  
  F-16AM/BM 6 312 / 313 Squadron Volkel  
  F-16AM/BM 6 322 Squadron Leeuwarden  
Norway Falcon 20ECM 1 717 Skv Oslo - Gardermoen   
Poland F-16C/D 6 6 ELT Poznan-Krzesiny  
United Kingdom Tornado GR4 6 Tornado GR4 RAF Marham  
United States F-15C/D 5 131st FS / 104th FW Barnes ANGB MA ANG
    3 194th FS / 144th FW Fresno ANGB CA ANG
Total   63
Operating from their home base:
Country: Aircraft: No. aircraft: Squadron / Wing: Airbase: Comments:
NATO E-3A 1 NAEW&CF Geilenkirchen  
Netherlands C-130H / C-130H-30 1 336 Squadron Eindhoven  
Total   2
Support aircraft (on arrival and/or departure days):
Country: Aircraft: No. aircraft: Squadron / Wing: Airbase: Comments:
Finland C-295M 1 TukiLLv Tampere  
France C-160R 1 ET 00.064 Évreux  
Poland C-295M 2 13 ELTr Krakow-Balice  
Total   4


Belgium, Finland, France, Germany, Netherlands, Norway, NATO, Poland, United Kingdom, United States.
F-15, F-16, F/A-18, EF-2000, Mirage 2000, Tornado, C-130, C-160, C-295, E-3.

The USAF deployed 12 F-15C/D Eagles under the European Reassurance Iniative / Operation Atlantic Resolve. Four Eagles were based at Keflavik, Iceland taking up the Iceland Air Policing mission. After Frisian Flag the F-15s moved to Eastern Europe (Graf Ignatievo, Bulgaria) with mini deployments made to other Eastern European NATO countries.
Participants Frisian Flag 2016
Belgium: F-16AM/BM Finland: F/A-18C/D France: Mirage 2000D
Germany: EF-2000 Netherlands: F-16AM/BM Netherlands: F-16AM/BM
Norway: Falcon 20ECM Poland: F-16C/D United Kingdom: Tornado GR.4
United States: F-15C United States: F-15C  
Photo gallery (arrival day April 7)
The German EF-2000's on arrival at Leeuwarden (runway 23) Polish Air Force C-295M (two arrived)
The USAF - ANG Eagles from the 194 FS and 131 FS flew a local mission Polish Air Force F-16C on final runway 23
Photo gallery (arrival day April 8)
Photo gallery April 18