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Frisian Flag 2017
Latest update: August 2017
The annual Frisian Flag exercise organized by the Royal Netherlands Air Force (RNLAF) and held at Leeuwarden Air Base took place from March 27 until April 7.
Participants Frisian Flag 2017
Operating from Leeuwarden Air Base:
Country: Aircraft: No. aircraft: Squadron / Wing: Airbase: Comments:
Belgium F-16AM/BM 7 10 Wing Kleine-Brogel  
France Mirage 2000D 5 EC 003 Nancy  
Germany EF-2000 10 TaktLwG 31 Norvenich  
Netherlands F-16AM/BM 8 312 / 313 Squadron Volkel  
  F-16AM/BM 6 322 Squadron Leeuwarden  
Portugal F-16AM/BM 5 Esq 201 / 301 Monte Real  
United Kingdom Tornado GR4 6 RAF Marham Wing RAF Marham  
  Falcon 20C 1 FR Aviation    
United States F-15C/D 6 122nd FS / 159th FW NAS-JRB New Orleans, Louisiana LA ANG
    6 159th FS / 125th FW Jacksonville IAP, Florida FL ANG
Total   60
Operating from their home base:
Country: Aircraft: No. aircraft: Squadron / Wing: Airbase: Comments:
France E-3F 1 EDCA 01.036 Avord  
Netherlands C-130H / C-130H-30 1 336 Squadron Eindhoven  
Total   2
Support aircraft (on arrival and/or departure days):
Country: Aircraft: No. aircraft: Squadron / Wing: Airbase: Comments:
Portugal C-295M 1 Esq 502 Montijo  
Total   1


Belgium, France, Germany, Netherlands, Portugal, NATO, United Kingdom, United States.
F-15, F-16, EF-2000, Mirage 2000, Tornado, C-130, C-295, E-3.
Participants Frisian Flag 2017
Belgian Air Force F-16AM. French Air Force Mirage 2000D. German Air Force EF-2000 TLG31.
Royal Netherlands Air Force F-16AM Volkel AB, 312 / 313 Squadron Royal Netherlands Air Force F-16AM Leeuwarden AB 322 Squadron. Portuguese Air Force F-16AM Esq 201 / 301.
Royal Air Force Tornado GR4 RAF Marham Wing. USAF - ANG F-15C 122nd FS
USAF - ANG F-15C 159th FS
Photo gallery arrival day (March 23)
The resident 322 Squadron flew a regular training mission   with its F-16s during the Frisian Flag arrival day on March 23.  The German air force EF-2000s arrived on March 23.  
Eurofighters from TLG 31 on (final) approach runway 05. Leeuwarden F-16 and its wingman 
about to touchdown at their home base
Royal Air Force Tornadoes from the RAF Marham Wing arrival on March 23.   One of the six Tornado GR.4 about to land on runway 05. 
Followed by one of its colleagues after the short transit from the UK.  A Portuguese air force C-295M supported the F-16s on March 23.   
Photo gallery March 27
Foggy departure for a 322 Squadron  F-16AM.   
Departure of a Portuguese F-16AM  And lining up of the Florida and Louisiana ANG F-15's
Two RAF Tornadoes ready for departure  followed by their French colleagues participating with the Mirage 2000D 
Except the resident Leeuwarden F-16's also Volkel Vipers are flying missions. A Mirage 2000D returns from its mission 
followed by its colleagues, a Tornado  The "Jazz" and Florida F-15 Eagles   
Another JZ F-15 returns to Leeuwarden  with a Dutch F-16 behind  The Belgians brought a F-16BM
the F-16AM from 10 Wing and
their special marked 349 Smaldeel F-16
German EF-2000 on final with an F-15 turning towards final runway 05.
And the Portuguese F-16's landing.  Start of the afternoon wave, Dutch F-16 French Air Force Mirage 2000
German Air Force EF-2000 (Eurofighter) The USAF (ANG) F-15's  Portuguese F-16's.
Departure of a RNLAF F-16  banking from runway 05 to avoid the village of Marsum
Tornado from the RAF stationed at  RAF Marham departing for their mission and another RNLAF climbing out.
The German Air Force took part with its special marked EF-2000