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Defense Security Cooperation Agency (DSCA)
Latest update: May 2024
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DSCA approved sales by aircraft role: 2015 - 2022
 Fighter / Attack  Bomber Special Operations Forces
C4ISR (ASWBM/C3/MPA) Tanker Transport
Helicopter / Tiltrotor Trainer RPAS / UAV
DSCA approved sales
The Defense Security Cooperation Agency (DSCA) approves foreign military sales (FMS) or a direct commercial sale (DCS)of aircraft, engines, weapons, support equipment, training etc from US manufacturers. DSCA delivers its documents (approval) to the US Congress. After the approval process has been completed the contracts with the authority of the requesting country can be signed:

FMS: the contract will be signed with the DSCA *.
DCS: the contract will be signed with the manufacturer.

Approvals are related to new aircraft, remanufactured aircraft (examples CH-47F, AH-64E) or the sale of aircraft withdrawn from service (used) by the US armed service. These aircraft are flown to the 309th AMARG for storage and can be offered for sale (example the sale of OH-58D Kiowa helicopters to Croatia and Greece).

*: the manufacturer will be awarded a contract by the Department of Defense. This can either be a sole contract or included in contract awarded for the US Air Force, US Navy/Marines or US Army. Examples are orders made on behalf of the F-35 Joint Program Office which orders the F-35s for the US armed forces, international partners and FMS participants. Also orders for the P-8A Poseidon are made for both US Navy and FMS countries.

Aircraft ordered through FMS are delivered to the USAF, USN / USMC or USAR and receive that service registration number (serial or buno). Aircraft purchased through DCS will receive a FAA issued registration (N number).