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United States Army
Latest update: April 2023
US Army Corps or NG Division CAB Station Army Air Field (AAF) Division Nickname CAB Nickname
Active   1 AD 1 AD, CAB Fort Bliss, TX Biggs AAF Old Ironsides Iron Eagles
Active   1 CD 1 ACB Fort Hood, TX Killeen-Hood AAF First Team Air Cav
Active   1 ID 1 CAB Fort Riley, KS Marshall AAF BIG RED ONE Demon Brigade
Active   2 ID 2 CAB South Korea   Indianhead Talon
Active XVIII AC 3 ID 3 CAB Fort Stewart, GA Hunter AAF Rock of the Marne Marne Air
Active   4 ID 4 CAB Fort Carson, CO Butts AAF Iron Horse Ivy Eagles
Active 1 Corps 7 ID 16 CAB JB Lewis-McChord, WA Gray AAF   Raptor Brigade - Born in Battle
Active XVIII AC 10 MD 10 CAB Fort Drum, NY Wheeler Sack AAF Mountaineer  
Reserve     11 CAB        
Active V Corps   12 CAB Ansbach, Germany     Griffins
Active 1 Corps 25 ID 25 CAB Schofield Barracks, HI Wheeler AAF Tropic Lightning Wings of Lightning
NG   28 ID 28 CAB        
NG   29 ID 29 CAB        
NG   34 ID 34 CAB        
NG   35 ID 35 CAB        
NG   36 ID 36 CAB        
NG   38 ID 38 CAB        
NG   40 ID 40 CAB        
NG   42 ID 42 CAB        
NG     63 AB        
NG   77 ID 77 CAB        
Active XVIII AC 82 AD 82 CAB Fort Bragg, NC Simmons AAF All American Pegasus Brigade
Active XVIII AC 101 AD 101 CAB Fort Campbell, KY Campbell AAF Screaming Eagles Wings of Destiny
NG     185 AB        
NG     224 CAB        
NG     449 CAB        
AB Aviation Brigade  
AC Airborne Corps  
ACB Air cavalry Brigade  
AD Airborne Division  
AD Armored Division  
CD Cavalry Division  
ID Infantry Division  
MD Mountain Division  
CAB Combat Aviation Brigade  

See the USAR Combat Aviation Brigade structure for detailed information about the compostion of a CAB and the exceptions to the 'general rule'.
Combat Aviation Brigades
Active duty CAB National Guard CAB Reserve CAB