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Welcome to Phantomaviation.nl

On the website you will find articles and/or photographs covering exercises and squadrons / wings. Furthermore you can find aircraft order and delivery reports for aircraft manufacturers and countries. The aircraft section is currently being changed with a focus of reports presented by both manufacturer and aircraft role. For the last reporting is done on the primarily role of an aircraft (example: all C-130 Hercules aircraft are reported under Transport / AAR / MRTT despite its many versions and mission specially within the USAF).
Countries are added when at least one photograph of an aircraft is available but the main focus will be on EU and NATO countries. Within the Defence budget and review section you will find information about budget plans, request and strategic reviews.

Updates will be done on a regular basis. Please see below details for the latest updates made to the website or follow me at Twitter @phantomaviation.

All photo's on the website are made by me and are not allowed to be used without prior written approval.

M. Jaarsma
Latest updates
Netherlands: exercise(s) 2019

Sep 09: Exercise Falcon Leap 2019

Exercise Falcon Leap 2019.

Publications to follow in the next months:

Sanicole spotters day Kleine-Brogel RNLAF 131 EMVO Squadron RIAT 2019
Published Scramble 484 - Sept. 19.
421st (E)FS deployment to Europe, Spangdahlem AB, Germany.
RNLAF Luchtmachtdagen 2019.

Centrum Leteckého Výcviku (CLV – Flight Training Center), Pardubice, Czech Republic.

Quarterly / regular updates:

Sep 03: NATO Air Policing Mission
Aug 21: DSCA Approved and FMS orders
Aug 18: 309th AMARG

Exercise and reports:

Aug 25: RNLAF F-35 long range strike mission.
Aug 25: Exercise Dark Blade, Namest Nad Oslavou, Czech Republic
Aug 17: US Army OAR deployments to Europe
Jul 30: European Air Refuelling Training exercise 2019

Aircraft orders and deliveries:

Aug 01: Airbus Defence & Space order and delivery report

Day at the fence:

Preserved aircraft:


Sep 10: RNLAF F-35's


The country section in the process of being updated (new lay-out, information update). Currently available
updates are:

Continents: Africa, Asia, Europe, Middle East, North America (excluding USA), Oceania and South America.

Air Show:

Jun 03: Čáslav May 25 (Czech Air Force open house)
Latest photographs
493rd FS D-Day F-15C Eagle. RAF 51 squadron RC-135W. Danish Air Force F-16AM.
  Ecuador Air Force Falcon 7X departing Schiphol on June 14, 2019.