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Welcome to Phantomaviation.nl

Phantomaviation is dedicated to military aviation and provides information about aircraft manufacturers, countries and the publication of articles or (photographic) reports. My articles and photographs have also been published by aviation magazines, please see Publications for details. Articles which have been published in a magazine will appear on Phantomaviation a few months later.

Aircraft order and production (delivery) reports are presented in the aircraft manufacturers section, by company
(alphabetically listed) and by aircraft role. The country section is more extensive. Here aircraft order and production (delivery) reports are also presented but here you can also find my articles and (photographic) reports. For several countries reports covering its defence budget and their wings and squadrons are available.

Several pages are regularly updated (monthly or quarterly basis depending on the release of information). These relate to:

The Netherlands (as soon as possible after DoD / RNLAF news releases), 309th AMARG inventory report (monthly), DSCA approved sales (as soon as possible after news release). Quarterly reports are provided for the NATO Air Policing Mission and the delivery reports communicated by aircraft manufacturers: Airbus Defence, Boeing Defence and Lockheed Martin.

The latest updates at Phantomaviation can be found below or at my Twitter account: @phantomaviation

Disclaimer: please note information is checked with official sources (aircraft manufacturers, department of defences etc.) however, especially for older aircraft or aircraft no longer in production but operational, can contain differences. Phantomaviation is not liable for the content of this site or for its use.

Photographs and articles are not allowed to be used without prior written approval.

M. Jaarsma
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Website updates:
February 2020:

28.02.20: Lockheed Martin, aircraft deliveries 2019, F-35 Lightning II deliveries, C-130J Super Hercules deliveries.
27.02.20: DSCA approves sales 2020
24.02.20: US DoD FY21 budget request.
23.02.20: Netherlands (all sections), exercises: EART, Falcon Leap 2020, Frisian Flag 2020, Swift Blade 2020.
22.02.20: United States Air Force, Total Aircraft Inventory FY 21.
21.02.20: NATO Air Policing Mission
17.02.20: Norway
16.02.20: Australia, Canada
15.02.20: 309th AMARG ((inventory update February 2020))
13.02.20: Airbus helicopters H135, H145

January 2020:

18.01.20 Airbus helicopters: H120, H125, H125MH135M, , H145M, H160, H215, H215M, Tiger, AS365/SA365/SA366/SA565
18.01.20 Belgium, KC-30 acquisition, Boeing Defense, Boeing Defense annual delivery report 2019, Boeing Defence delivery graphics, (KC-46 and P-8)
18.01.20: Leonardo
12.01.20: Boeing Defence, KC-46A
09.01.20: DSCA, Lockheed Martin, F-35
04.01.20: Exercise Falcon Leap 2018
04.01.20: Japan