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Phantomaviation is dedicated to military aviation and provides information about aircraft manufacturers, countries and the publication of articles or (photographic) reports. My articles and photographs have also been published by aviation magazines, please see Publications for details. Articles which have been published in a magazine will appear on Phantomaviation a few months later.

Aircraft order and production (delivery) reports are presented in the aircraft manufacturers section, by company
(alphabetically listed) and by aircraft role. The country section is more extensive. Here aircraft order and production (delivery) reports are also presented but here you can also find my articles and (photographic) reports. For several countries reports covering its defence budget and their wings and squadrons are available.

It is, unfortunately, not possible to update all content on a regular basis. Below table provides the details when updates to the website are made. Updates are communicated below and can be viewed for the current and previous month and through my Twitter account: @phantomaviation

Report(s) After news release Monthly Quarterly Half-yearly Annually
Netherlands V        
DSCA V        
NATO Air Policing Mission V        
309th AMARG   V      
Aircraft carriers   V      
Amphibious Assualt Ships   V      
Carrier Air Wings   V      
Airbus Defence     V    
Boeing Defence     V    
Lockheed Martin     V    
All other manufacturers       V  
EU / NATO countries       V  
All other countries         V

Disclaimer: please note information is checked with official sources (aircraft manufacturers, department of defences etc.) however, especially for older aircraft or aircraft no longer in production but operational, can contain differences. Phantomaviation is not liable for the content of this site or for its use.

Photographs and articles are not allowed to be used without prior written approval. Please contact me when you would like to use an image.

M. Jaarsma
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Website updates:
July 2020:

08.07.20: DSCA: DSCA approved sales 2020.
06.07.20: US Army: Operation Atlantic Resolve, combat aviation brigade rotations
01.07.20: Netherlands: Order and production - total ; Order and production - detail ; KC-30 ; KC-30-background ; KC-30-milestones ; KC-30-production. NATO: Order and production - total ; Order and production - detail

June 2020:

28.06.20: US DoD C-130J Super Hercules (prior) multiyear contracts.
27.06.20: Lockheed Martin: C-130 report, C-130A, C-130B, C-130E, C-130H, C-130J, L-100.
19.06.20: Netherlands (Royal Netherlands Air Force): RNLAF F-35A production batches, F-35-milestones, F-35-assignment
17.06.20: US Army Operation Atlantic Resolve, Aviation rotation.
15.06.20: 309th AMARG (inventory update June 2020).
10.06.20: NATO Air Policing Mission, Iceland (2nd Italian Air Force F-35A deployment)
08.06.20: Cessna, Short (Short 330, Short 360, C-23 Sherpa)
07.06.20: Bombardier, CL-650 (CC-144)
01.06.20: Bell, Bell 505 (order by Montenegro). Sud Aviation (SA316 Alouette III, SA318 Alouette II, SA321 Super Frelon, SA330 Puma and SA341 / SA342 Gazelle).

May 2020:

31.05.20: Lockheed Martin, C-130 Hercules, F-35 Lightning II.
27.05.20: Norway
24.05.20: RNLAF F-35A milestones, F-35A assignment (new)
23.05.20: RIAT 2019
23.05.20: Leonardo, AW189 (new)
17.05.20: Visit to AMARG 2020 (photogalleries AMARG from the air and ground)
17.05.20: Netherlands (all sections). Boeing Defence P-8 Poseidon (delivery of the 100th P-8A to the US NAvy).
01.05.20: DSCA approved FMS / sales
01.05.20: NATO Air Policing Mission: BAP Siauliai and BAP Amari.

April 2020:

26.04.20: Reports USA January/February 2020: North Las Vegas Airport, Phoenix Scottsdale Airport, Phoenix Sky Harbor IAP.
25.04.20: US Army Operation Atlantic Resolve rotation 6: 101st CAB "Screaming Eagles / Wings of Destiny"
23.04.20: Reports: NAF El Centro.
22.04.20: Lockheed Martin: annual delivery report 2020. annual order report 2020, F-35 Lightning delivery reports graphics C-130J Lightning delivery reports graphics, Reports: MCAS Yuma
19.04.20: Reports: Davis Monthan AFB, Luke AFB and Tucson IAP.
18.04.20: Leonardo, AW169. Sitemap.
15.04.20: Sikorsky, H-3 Seaking, H-53 Sea Stallion /  Super Stallion, H-60 Blackhawk / Seahawk, H-92 Superhawk, Mil, Mi-2 Hoplite, Mi-8 / Mi-9 / Mi-17 Hip, Mi-14 Haze, Mi-24 / Mi-35 Hind.
14.04.20: NATO Air Policing Mission, Boeing Defence, Boeing delivery report 2020, KC-46 Pegasus delivery report, P-8 Poseidon delivery report
12.04.20: Market Garden 2019. 75th anniversary. Exercise Falcon Leap 2019.
11.04.20: Kleine Brogel (Sanicole) spottersday September 14, 2019
09.04.20: Hyakuri 2019 air show, Phantom farewell.
07.04.20: Exercise Red Flag 20-1, Nellis AFB (53rd Wing, 57th Wing, 24th TASS).
06.04.20: JDSDF Camp Kisarazu open house (Dec. 8, 2019).
05.04.20: All country order and delivery reports updated: Africa, Asia, Europe, Middle East, North America, Oceania, South America and organizations.
04.04.20: Netherlands, Aircraft-acquisition-CH-47F, Aircraft-acquisition-CH-47F-production, Aircraft-acquisition-CH-47F-milestones, Pilatus, PC-12, Ireland
03.04.20: Boeing Defence MQ-25, Lockheed Martin F-16V Block 17, Bulgaria. Leonardo, G222 (C-27A).
01.04.20: Saab.