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Welcome to Phantomaviation.nl

Phantomaviation is dedicated to military aviation and provides information about aircraft manufacturers, countries and the publication of articles or (photographic) reports. My articles and photographs have also been published by aviation magazines, please see Publications for details. Articles which have been published in a magazine will appear on Phantomaviation a few months later.

Aircraft order and production (delivery) reports are presented in the aircraft manufacturers section, by company
(alphabetically listed) and by aircraft role. The country section is more extensive. Here aircraft order and production (delivery) reports are also presented but here you can also find my articles and (photographic) reports. For several countries reports covering its defence budget and their wings and squadrons are available.

It is, unfortunately, not possible to update all content on a regular basis. Below table provides the details when updates to the website are made.

Updates are communited through my Twitter and Instagram accounts: @phantomaviation. Updates can also found below.

Disclaimer: please note information is checked with official sources (aircraft manufacturers, department of defences etc.) however, especially for older aircraft or aircraft no longer in production but operational can contain differences. Phantomaviation is not liable for the content of this site or for its use.

Photographs and articles are not allowed to be used without prior written approval. Please contact me when you would like to use an image.

M. Jaarsma
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Website updates:
The reports for countries and aircraft manufacturers are in the process of being update to a new format. It will take a while before all reports are adjusted to the new style. Please see below for information updated.

January 2022:


309th AMARG, 309th AMARG - 2022 inventory number (Last report: January 2022)


Netherlands: Aircraft in active service, Aircraft in active service - detail, F-35 production batches, F-35 milestones, F-35 assignment

Exercise Frisian Flag: Frisian Flag 2022 (exercise EART 22-1 will be held in the same weeks from Wunstorf, Germany).


Boeing Defense: Annual order report, Annual delivery report, Delivery reports graphics, Aircraft in active service


Switzerland, Japan, Taiwan


Canada, United States


Norway, United Kingdom


Belgium, Germany (aircraft in active service and aircraft withdrawn from service reports).


United States Navy: USN Aircraft Carriers, USN Navy Amphibious Assault Ships, USN Carrier Air Wings, US Navy wings and squadrons.
United States Marine Corps: US Marines wings and squadrons.